A lumberjack in Switzerland

Today was another putter day. No grand outings.

Grocery shopping is a daily event and the task of that involves a trip down into town which always takes longer than one anticipates and somehow it’s already 3:30. Perhaps it is the deliciously slow mornings that are to blame..we don’t move too quickly in the mornings. Sipping coffee and practicing our German fills the time.

German lessons every morning.
You can’t rush mornings when this is what you wake up to.

Plus there is the need to swim whenever possible. The trek down to town causes some sweating and so our propensity to jump into the lake at every opportunity possible takes some time. Arriving at the shops in town dripping wet creates a frigid experience once the wet intersects with the AC. It is heavenly!

Manolo and Auntie Bea (affectionately known as Titi) had big business today. The purchase of a chain-saw and ladder was far more complicated than a simple trip to Home Depot. Trains to different towns and then serious negotiations with bus drivers to convince them that a 24′ ladder and a chainsaw should come aboard too. (Not successful…a long, hot walk up the mountain with a heavy burden ensued.) But the task of clearing away the overgrown trees to maximize the lake view is awfully exciting for this Canadian boy. (He claims to be only Swiss these days but the way his eyes light up with a chainsaw in his hands betrays him…)

The ladder is balanced on the terrace, leaning against a tree that grows from a space many meters below.

Wielding a chainsaw while balancing on a ladder is risky by anyone’s definition. What made it even more so was the game of Russian Roulette we were playing with the cars driving by on the street below, right where the tree carnage would crash down. Every third car passing is a Ferrari or Porsche so the stakes are high. It was the job of the kids and I to stop traffic during the saw-moments. It was awful, hot and scary as hell. Without the authority of a reflective vest and stop sign I’m quite sure I came across as a sweaty, disheveled mom attempting to flee domestic violence by waving down the most expensive cars I could find. So the kids and I fled to another swimming opportunity at the first break possible leaving Dad and Titi to manage the task. Cooking up a big feast for dinner at the end of the day was my attempt to share the load.

New and old. Ferraris everywhere.
The kids are getting quite a lesson in class disparity here. Good thing we’re all so proud of our Value Village roots!

And yet, even the non-mortals have truly human moments. Guilty of extreme schadenfreude, I witnessed a real life magazine-woman in a less than magazine moment. I was watching her because she was spectacular. Non-frizzy hair, no evidence of sweating despite wearing 10 more layers than I was, adorable booties that could not have been comfortable and (gasp) her dress was tucked in at the back. Like the dreaded moment when you use the washroom and your dress gets hooked into the back of your underpants. Except damn her, she made it look fashionable. So much so that I wasn’t 100% certain that it was by accident. Perhaps I have witnessed the zeitgeist of the newest trend. Trust me ladies, this will be hitting the runways in no time. Boldly tuck the back of your skirt into your undies and own it. You’ll be the envy of all your girlfriends in no time.

Big day tomorrow which dictates my fate. Manolo and I will head off in the morning to Milan to collect my visa. Considering the 36 degree forecast, leaving the kids behind with Titi is the best choice. I’ll keep my eyes peeled for more breaking fashion trends to pass along. You can thank me later…


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