Sunday stroll

In Switzerland they take Sunday’s seriously. At some point on Saturday, preferably early in the day, while near a shop, you need to think about what you might need for Sunday or you’ll be s.o.l.  

We are practiced now having three Sunday’s under our belt. We aren’t rookies anymore.

Manolo’s lumberjack duties were on hold during the rain of the past two days. So a clear, sunny day was good news. Except for the Sunday factor which meant that his new chainsaw was off limits. Only hand tools would be allowed. To avoid being responsible for the humiliation of controlling traffic down below, we needed a different plan. 

The kids and I took the opportunity for a small hike, up Mount Bre by funicolare and hiking back home. 2 days of reduced walking and sweating have caught up with me. Make no mistake, eating this much cheese,  proscuitto, chocolate and wine catches up with a girl. It’s starting to show. I’m not sure 650 stairs is enough to counter it but I also can’t stop eating! Today was a good effort but likely not enough.

Up top of the funicolare. So many options for the route down.
The view over Lugano from up top.

The first stop on the hike is the lovely town of Bre. A mix of old cobblestone streets and modern homes. 

The local cemetery.
The town has an artist’s feel to it. Unique works mixed in with the odd replica here and there.
Modern art with the historic wash house in the background.
Arriving on a Sunday means we arrived in time to see the locals leaving church.

Off on our hike, we set out to find a good picnic destination.

More art on the way to the picnic location.
Others out for a bit of exercise enjoying the Swiss water along the way.
A pretty, colourful beetle along the way. stopped picking them up after this guy once we figured out they were dung bettles who spend their days harvesting poo…
Arrived at the picnic spot. Mom packed a yummy cold drink for all of us!

Back from the hike and a quick stop at our swimming hole, we settled in to enjoy the new view enhanced by our resident lumberjack. The controversy this sort of free wielding tree trimming can cause is quite something. So much to consider. It’s so un-Swiss to simply pick up a tool and start trimming. Playing the Canadian card on this one, Manolo took his chances and the result is fantastic. 

The view of the lake now unobstructed.

With the work of the day complete we set to the important business of relaxing. Thanks to our skilled experience with preparing for a Sunday, we had a good supply of cheese, proscuitto and wine. Tomorrow is a big day when power tools are once again allowed.

Well darn it we seem to have ruined our appetite…dinner will have to wait,

All right, so let’s be honest. No one wants to see more posts of our ridiculous vacation style life. This is the stuff that will alienate you and leave you friendless. Real life will catch up with us this week as we  return to Winterthur and settle in. Also, keep in mind that while my days are spent minding the kids and creating adventure for them, Manolo is working incredibly hard to earn our keep here. 

The hope with all the posts of gorgeousness and spectacular beauty is that you will consider coming to visit. We’ll cover the  humble accommodations and be your personal tour guide. If you’ve ever considered coming this way, now is your time! Take advantage of us being here and book a trip.


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