Who were we kidding…?

Our last “vacation” day before we return to our new, real life. The priority today was a final visit to our favourite spots here in Lugano.

Having arrived, determined to represent well here, I’ve concluded these 10 days having given up. My hope to assimilate with the Europeans and adopt a high-style life proved to be impossible in this heat. Plus I suspect the high-brow folks here don’t delight in photographing toilets as much as I do. Perhaps some differences are a bit too deep to overcome…

Considering that my companions each day are soggy children who delight in racing each other to all possible machines which may harbour forgotten coins, my ability to blend in as a local is lost. We present as a band of gypsies, bathing where possible and resorting to scavenging at parking meters for spare change. 

Our favourite swimming spot on the way to town. The final jump for this visit.
Cliff diving, a gateway drug for this adventure seeking girl…
Mom in for a swim too, captured on camera because our lumberjack took the day off. (I promise Helena eventually surfaced too…)
The soggy pair I’m seen about town with.
The race to each machine with spare change has become incredibly intense and further confirms our reputation as homeless gypsies.

It was a lovely day strolling around town. Before the big trek up the mountain we had a quick stop to give the playground a go and to feed the birds the remnants of our bread. 

Best teeter-totter ever. With the right effort you can ensure your mate gets some serious air off their seat.
What is childhood without a terrifying swan encounter?
Careful kids, she’s about to go in for the bite.
Nice to have Daddy join us out and about today.

And so, I anticipate that with life returning to our new normal, content for the blog will slow…Perhaps for the best anyhow, I must be careful about how and when I’m photographed these days. I’d hate for tabloid rumours to start swirling (I am a well-read blogger now, don’t you know..) about a baby bump. There is, of course, no baby bump but there is a definite rubenesque nature to my profile these days. It’s a cheese-prosciutto-beer-wine bump. I also like to think there’s a bit of physics at play here. Things expand in the heat. I’m simply hot, and a little bigger, all the time. 

I am troubled by this though. Obviously the right thing to do is to reduce the amount of cheese-prosciutto-beer-wine that I consume but I have no interest in doing so. I may, in fact, be unable to do so. It’s kind of like Tourette’s, the “yes please” is out of my mouth before any self control can provide better judgement. So, if the cheese-prosciutto-beer-wine ratio will remain the same and the heat limits exercise, what’s a girl to do? For Pete’s sake, even over 650 stairs a day isn’t enough! 

I suspect it may have something to do with broccoli… I may need to dramatically increase my consumption of broccoli. Trouble is, the only meal that doesn’t involve the problematic cheese-prosciutto-beer-wine combo is breakfast. I know you’ve already come to the same conclusion I have…hell-no, broccoli cannot be introduced here. So you see!? It’s a near impossible conundrum. 

Thankfully we depart Lugano tomorrow. I’m hoping that life in Winterthur will limit my access to cheese-prosciutto-beer&wine. (I kid you not…I just put the iPad down so that I could get up to get some chocolate. Clearly an intervention will be required.)

High hopes for our ability to settle in to a good, healthy normal. Hard to leave this all behind. Where else can you capture a lizard with 2 tails!?

Shedding tails is a defence mechanism these guys do very quickly. This one appears to be a little too good at the regeneration of the new tail.

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