Post vacation blues

Like all good vacations, eventually they must come to an end. With that we are both happy and sad. So sad to leave Lugano (and Titi) but so thankful that it will be our Drumheller – the place we quickly escape to when we can that promises weather warmer than at home. Oh, and the possibility of finding a snake, likely a nasty one, around any corner.

One final hike and a dash to the swimming hole before heading to the train station.
Bummed out about leaving Lugano and the plethera of lizards he discovered.
Look! A camper in Lugano. Maybe we do fit in here after all.

It is also good to get back to Winterthur to start to really figure out what normal life will look like here. The arrival home had the “oh, right…” feel to it as we had forgotten the state of chaos we left it in when we were able to flee to Lugano once our boxes had finally arrived. The bad news is that there is tons of unpacking and organizing to be done. The good news is that the boxes contained our bikes and so true Swiss style exploration awaits. 

Once we were settled back home and the kids were fed I set out on my bike. The bike that instantly gives me local-status; my robin’s egg blue vintage commuter. 

Ta-da! This old girl is going places…She’s creaky in her old age but rides like a dream!
 I set out on Blue Bell and headed north. Turns out we live near the edge of town. Who knew? In mere moments I was out of Winterthur, peddling past Swiss farms, vineyards and old country roads. The wind blowing through my hair (helmets don’t appear to be a thing here) the only thing missing was my floral skirt and heels. I’m keeping an eye out for just the right set…

The bike ride was fantastic and has made me feel much better about my perceived baby-bump. Life balance which will afford just the right amount of gluttony can be had. Plus the other good news…I saw 3 different styles of bikes while out and about on my ride which means it wasn’t totally insane for me to bring 3 myself. I’ll need to work hard to ensure that all 3 get out for their share of the adventure but I’m pretty sure they all know that this is Blue Bell’s time to shine. With a basket that pretty (thank you Meg!!) how can she not be seen around town everywhere.

Speaking of being seen out and about, I have to admit to a character flaw. I am impressionable. In my defence, I think it’s a woman thing and not a flaw at all but rather exactly how we are hard wired. I think it is the crux of the fashion industry. Take for instance the O bag. Not sure if these have made it to North America yet (likely they’ve been around for over a year and I just haven’t noticed. I’m pretty guilty of being a bit slow on trends.) The O bag, seen below.

Sorry about the poor image quality. It was a walk-by photo grab while trying to not be obviously taking a photo. This O bag is smaller than most I’ve seen with a different handle.
When I noticed the first one I thought “huh, it’s like the crocs of purses.” Rubber/plastic, colourful and a bit ugly. And then, while out and about, watching the locals, I noticed a few more. And a few more. And in no time my impression changed from “that’s the crocs of bags” to “I’m quite sure I must have one of those O bags!” So, so impressionable. The women of Milan and the Ticino region, who make style (and not being sweaty) look so effortless make me want whatever their secret is. Maybe this Obag is secretly a cooler that is like carrying around your own portable a/c machine. I would buy that. In every colour. 
I’ve since discovered that they are indeed new this year and are Italian designed. Really makes you want one all the more, doesn’t it? You should definitely come for a visit so that I can take you to the Mecca of O bags – Milan. They were everywhere there. Book your flight today so that you too can be the Zeitgiest of this trend. 

But leave your crocs behind…they truly are ugly and I’m proud to say I’ve never owned a pair.


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