Goats make good neighbours too

Is it getting repetitive? I apologize. It’s just the biking here is amazing. You set out to explore, with no end point in mind. The path quickly leaves the city and before you know it you’ve discovered another adorable little town which inspires you on to the next. “Just one more town.” Is what plays in my head as I peddle away. I’ll go as far as the next town, then the next. They’re all as close as 5kms. Nothing is far away here. And yet there are Swiss who have never ventured as far as the other side of the country. Literally less than 4 hours away and in their lifetime they haven’t been there. To them it’s a long way. Really!? I’ve driven that and back again in a day’s work. It’s an appreciation of geography only those of us from Canada can truly grasp. 

Like every good tourist, I can’t get enough of the farm animals. You’d think I’d lived in a deep urban jungle all my life by how often I slow & hop off my bike to take a photo of a cow or goat. It’s simply the juxtaposition of it that I can’t get enough of. That we’re dwelling in the most urban setting our family has ever known with closer access to cows, pigs & goats than ever. It’s the beauty of Europe. Everything is really, really close. Distance doesn’t exist. 

Check out this goat, just having a rest on his bench. Friendly little fella came to see me when I stopped to catch this shot.
Another town, another pretty fountain. This one all decked out for Swiss National Day on Monday. (Sorry about the blurry shot…everytime I use one I imagine you cringing Trevor.)
Finished off this ride with a stop at our neighbourhood Saturday morning market all by myself.

I claimed in a recent post that I was strong and independent. I lied. Here, I am completely beholden to my husband which kills me!! To truly exist here I need my visa. To do that I need my husband to escort me to my appointment to vouch for me. To get a cell phone plan which grants me freedom through the divine wisdom of google maps, I must be a resident. So until I get the visa I need Manolo to provide me with a map of where I hope to go. 

Hoped to get out for a morning ride today but 2 of my bikes had flats (first-world-problem, I know) and despite my best efforts, I couldn’t figure out the air pumps here so needed his help. Grrrr

To top it all off, tonight I needed his help in opening a bottle of wine! For Pete’s sake!! I cannot lose my independence. 

I’m wrestling with what my role will be here, considering  my newfound helplessness and the complexity of our children’s lives once school begins. It offers the potential of a pace and freedom working girls look at with a naive “must be nice” sort of envy but with that comes the struggles every stay at home mom wrestles. 

Perhaps the grass isn’t greener…and in the meantime my role will continue to be focused on helping my two small people find the very best playgrounds while reminding them to not be assholes. That is surprisingly challenging these days…

Another top-rate teeter-totter, the mark of a non-sucky (their words, not mine) park.
In position for a good hill roll. (I swear there’s a good slope here! Not sure how it appears so flat.) Find a grassy hill and you’ve got hours of fun plus the added bonus of witnessing what your children will be like as drunks.

Perhaps my lack of independence is for my own safety. Around the corner from us (the less pretty corner so not as frequently photographed) is The Rapie Team. We have yet to feel any imminent danger but are vigilant to keep an eye out for any threat.

Tee hee…lost in translation I guess.
Just in case you were questioning how safe it will be to visit, I’ll add a few more shots to show off the good side of the street.
This is around the pretty corner…away from The Rapie Team.
How random is this? Another neighbour we need to get to know.
We’ll celebrate if you come visit! Personal sized bottles of bubbly.


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