Tensions are running high!

Today was a day of mixed emotions, good and less good. These 6 weeks have felt like a lifetime, our memories of the early days feel like forever ago. Yet at the same time these weeks have flown by; how is it that we are already facing back to school? How did the time go by so quickly? I’m feeling anxious, perhaps a bit stir crazy, eager to get into the real life routine rather than perpetual vacation mode. But also, I desperately want to delay Monday’s approach for the kids as much as possible. This is by far the scariest part for them and the only part we can’t do with them. Gulp, maybe it’s just me who it’s the scariest for. 
With that fear and uncertainty comes emotions that are a little closer to the surface than typical. D and H are cracking on a hair trigger this week. Moments of such sweet fun can come crashing down so quickly in a way that makes us all feel a little on edge. I had a chance to go see a friend from home tonight who is passing through Switzerland but the logistics of the 4 hours by train, the cost of the tickets, and coordinating everyone else while I was gone became too big a hurdle to get over. And to be completely honest, given the barrel the kids are staring down, I don’t want to add upheaval. But considering my complete social drought, the idea of connecting with a friend and easily laughing over wine sounded like heaven and was so hard to give up. 

Instead we took in the music fest as a family in town which was amazing. I’m still so tickled by how urban our lives have become. The novelty has definitely not worn off. 

Restaurants do a big business here. Dinner and lunch, all the sidewalk patios are full.
Kids had fun playing all the games at the big Red Cross tent. An important, informative stop…911 doesn’t exist here. There’s a different number for each service. Fire, police, ambulance, helicopter, all different numbers.
A panorama of the big stage at the festival. We counted about 6 different stages – all free. And if you get caught trying to sneak booze into the event, they simply offer you a plastic cup to transfer it to for safety. So civilized!
The main stage. Bit of a punk-rock band that we caught. Once again glad our kids know their way around the odd f-bomb.
A quieter street, out of the melee of the festival. So pretty in the evening light. We decided we really ought to try the night life a little more.

 I realized that at 6 weeks, this was our very first night out on the town. And by “night out” let me be clear that we were home BEFORE 9:00. The fact that sleep registers higher than anything as a priority once the clock hits 9:00 really shows the kind of good-times we’re capable of. The good news is that when you do decided to come for a visit, we won’t try to saddle you with the kids so that we can go out on the town. In fact, we’ll be thrilled to watch yours while you go! 

Happy festival goers, but ready to call it a night.
Wearing the ball-caps they won at the Red Cross tent. Helena, getting her groove on.

Even the church courtyard hosts a beer garden. (Notice the time on the clock as we made our move to wrap things up.)
And so, despite the fact that we are tense and nervous (does that make anyone else instantly start to sing Psycho Killer by the Talking Heads? Just me?) we are still feeling so blessed to be here and having this experience. I won’t lie, there are moments when my internal dialogue is saying “this is so hard” but then I quickly remind myself that we are living an opportunity some people would die for. Literally. It is hard, but the moments of greatness far outweigh the hard bits. Praying that we can channel that energy into next week too. 

Oh, and I had my first fig off a tree today. Heaven! It came to me through the unfortunate scenario of Diego accidentally tossing his frisbee into someone’s yard on our way home from the festival. Unfortunate quickly became very fortunate indeed plus I made him do the picking… Think we’ll head back to that street tomorrow for a few more rounds of frisbee. As long as their are fresh figs to be had, this fruit-loving-gal will be happy.


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