No news is good news

Just slow and steady progress over here. Today was uneventful on all fronts which is heavenly! We’ve made it to Friday. This has easily been the longest week of our lives. Hopefully the pace will improve once we’re all a little less wide eyed.

So nothing to share today and that feels pretty darn good. The unremarkable, ordinary days are real life. And we’re living it.

With a bit of my time on my own here this morning I did a quick sweep pin the kids’ rooms. This is what I discovered in D’s. (Just when I thought I was all done crying…)

Bless his sweet little soul. I sure hope that is starting to sink in.

We haven’t looked so forward to a Friday and the start of a weekend since I can remember. Hope your Friday is a good one too.


One Comment Add yours

  1. Lenny says:

    So glad to see and hear. Maybe you can start enjoying your time now
    You are still missed. Lenny


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