Friday never felt so sweet.

We made it! The longest week we’ve ever lived and we are now through it. First week of school, first week at a new job and first week trying to find a groove as a stay-at-home-mom. That said, stay-at-home is a bit of a misnomer. My day involves up to 4 hours in transit so the time at home is very brief if at all.

How our days begin, Dad long gone off to his job, kids come in for a quick courage cuddle before facing the day.

Kids had a super day to wrap up the week. Helena’s class did a water fight all afternoon as it was 32 degrees here today and the old school buildings don’t have a/c, they don’t even have toilet seats for that matter! Friday afternoons for D are dedicated to “hand crafts” and despite the fact that it’s a late dismissal for him (4:20 instead of 3:25) he was really quite excited about it. They focused on wood carving today which he really enjoyed and was especially proud to have not cut off his finger. All in all, very smiley, albeit hot, kids at the end of the day.

Soggy but happy. Great end to the week.
How do you wrap up a tough and extremely hot week? Why with icecream of course!

I did not succeed in finding my groove this week but am confident that I will do. Having lived a rural existence for the past 15 years, my time on public transportation has been limited. I am making up for that now! New to this gig of professional bus rider I’ll admit to having made some rookie mistakes. As a punctual person I typically over reach on my attempts to be on time. (If you have invited me to your house for any occasion there is a high likelihood that I parked a block away and waited in my car so as to arrive at a reasonable time. No one likes the guest who arrives 15 minutes early to the dinner party while you’re still in your rush to get everything ready.)

Same can be said for busses. I have yet to fully trust the impeccable timing of the Swiss buses and so am arriving far too early at the bus stop. On average I’m waiting 5-8 minutes for the busses. Multiply that by my 16 busses a day and that really adds up!

I am trying to use the bus time for my German lessons but often the vortex of social media traps me. I’ve lost track of how many busses I’ve ridden. Short busses, long busses, fast busses, slow busses, hot busses, cool busses (oh the bliss!!) right busses, wrong busses and busses of unusual odour. 

For a town of just 100,000 people, their transit system is amazing. The Swiss have a superiority complex in Europe and in this regard it is well deserved. They do transit well. Considering I am spending around 4 hours of my day doing the bus thing it is as pleasant as it could possibly be. 

And today I had a wee victory of my own. My hard fought battle to earn the right to stay for this year concluded today. My resident card arrived, finalizing the visa process. In the end, it may have been worth the wait. It’s the best photo ID I have ever had. I may attempt to use this as my ID for the rest of my life.

Thankfully, a non-frizzy hair day. Permission to smile (no teeth allowed) does wonders to reduce the mug-shot look.

Ironic, that during the week that I questioned our decision to be here more than ever, it becomes final that I can stay, for another 10 and a half months that is. In that perspective, the time passed feels already swift which is important to realize considering how very slow this week felt. This is merely a chapter in our lives…

Once again, I can’t say thank you enough for all the messages of support. Considering that this blog is my only social outlet, I am enjoying our conversation immensely. 


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  1. Elisabeth says:

    Bravo Anna!
    One thing I was wondering is if you had any interaction with some of the other probably also anxious moms or dads?


    1. So far just friendly, sympathetic smiles. We all have not speaking


  2. We all have not speaking German in common. Unfortunately we do not have speaking English in common. The other families all come from far off locations as well so we may not be becoming fast friends.


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