A good weekend to refuel.

It is now Sunday evening and I will admit that I am bracing myself for a bit of a relapse on the fear and loathing. So far we are coping, mostly. There is a sign that I may not be holding it together all that well. While making dinner tonight I caught myself trying to take a sip directly from the bottle of wine. The alarming part was that it wasn’t until the closed top reached my mouth that I realized my mistake. Had it been open, who knows if I would have noticed the problem. 

As for the weekend my approach had a feeling of “we need to make this special, do amazing things that stretches time and makes Monday feel like an eternity away.” There are nearby towns I have wanted to visit, castles we had yet to see, big explorations we still hope to do. But the weekend was hot, 32 on Friday and 31 both Saturday and Sunday. Hard to get motivated for a big adventure when we’re all hot and lethargic. So instead, we puttered. And it turns out puttering was exactly what we needed. Turns out that a low-key puttering weekend is exactly what makes up an amazing weekend. 

Over stimulus is what we endured all week. More stimulus was not what we needed. 

A big sleep in on Saturday was what we were all most looking forward to. A lazy morning felt delicious after the hectic pace of the week. The kids have become masters at self entertaining with very little. Collecting spiders became an activity that entertained them for hours. When I said, “ready to go swimming?” the response was “not yet Mom, we’re having so much fun, can we please just keep doing this?” 

Um, yes. 

Absolutely yes. 

You know the old adage of “never wake a sleeping baby?” Well, it follows the same lines as “never interrupt two siblings playing blissfully happy together.” In fact, the sleeping baby rule is bunk – I woke my two all the time when it was time to eat. Who makes up these sayings anyhow?

So our day unfolded slowly, lazily, happily. We did eventually make it to the pool which was necessary on such a hot day.

The pool was huge, and stainless steel. I’d never seen anything like it.

The pool is a few minute walk from our house and overlooks the whole city. quite an amazing, and busy, place.

Best part of being at the pool? The moment when we heard from across the pool “hoy, Diego!”Neighbourhood kids know my boy! Best feeling in the world. “Who was that?” I asked. “Oh, just my buddies from school.” So casual…no big deal…

After a swim and a bite to eat we headed into town to catch the music festival’s latest offerings on its final nights. Turns out the big acts are saved for the end which is when admission is no longer free. At 69CHF it was an easy “no thank you” decision. We opted for beer and a little Pokemon-go instead. 

(Turns out Pokemon-go is exactly what kids need to help bridge the language barrier. Diego and his cousin Jaro had a great time on the hunt.)

All restaurants are empty inside on a gorgeous warm Saturday evening. Patios are the place to be.

The kids were so pleased with the day they said “can we do the same thing tomorrow?” That was when I realized that grand plans aren’t necessary. Slow puttering is what recharges the batteries.

D spent 2 hours in this position, hunting for creatures.
D’s prize at the river today.
The hunt for heart shaped rocks makes time at the river always interesting.
A well deserved restful weekend for Dad too.

After an afternoon at the river we took in the Wulflingen festival. Winterthur is made up on a collection of villages, Veltheim, our neighbourhood and the neighbouring village, Wulflingen are among them.

 If you want to experience the under belly of any society, find the carnival. Carnivals are the same, even on this side of the globe. This one had a particularly odd feel to it but the kids were delighted by the rip-off games, super dodgy looking rides and smell of cotton candy in the air. 

Crazy carpet ride – we’re pretty sure the guy running the ride did a thorough safety check every morning.
Same carny games, same cheap toy prizes, forgotten within moments of arriving home.
Best part of the weekend for Helena, a pony ride.
Thankfully the ponies here were not sad and over worked. Seemingly happy, healthy animals . That said, I know a thing or two about horses, these Swiss are doing the stirrups all wrong…

And so, as Sunday comes to an end, we seem to be doing just fine. No wailing and gnashing of teeth. Tomorrow we face another week and we feel ok about that.


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