Life’s ordinary rhythm 

The pace of our first week of school has thankfully improved dramatically. That first week lasted a year – it was painful and felt as though there was no way it was sustainable. But now the week’s tick along at a great pace. 

Or at least they did…this week we start 6:00am hockey practice on Tuesday’s.

 I’m afraid. 

Pretty sure I can’t pull off any attempt at a true European wardrobe at that time. This is EXACTLY what sweatpants are made for. Darn it that I didn’t pack any!

Considering that we are a full urban family, traveling only by bike or public transit, we need to be up and on the bus at an offensive time. On the bright side, it will be so refreshing to see what an early morning hockey rink looks like in a country that doesn’t have Tim Hortons. 

Nespresso will always be a better choice than Tim’s. (Sorry Jane, I know you’re a loyal Tim’s girl.)

Our life has established a nice throw-back rhythm. Highlights include jig-saw puzzles, soccer & hacky-sack with our United Nations apartment complex kids and Lego. We finally made good on the promise to buy D a Ferrari…

To be honest, we didn’t come through with a promise…D bought this himself. He is becoming a true fast-car junkie.

A puzzle Helena bought herself at a school market. Pretty sure puzzles are going to become our family’s new obsession.

My days still involve so much back & forth to the main bus station that the ability to get anything done in between is proving challenging. My focus needs to be learning German.  It’s something Manolo and I both work on every day but man is it ever hard. Helping the kids with their homework is eye opening. There was a word in D’s MATH homework the other day that had 48 letters in it! In math for pete’s sake!

In German words are absurdly long. They just keep adding letters, mostly constants, often including a few z’s, until the word becomes completely impossible to comprehend. 

Our handle on vocabulary is coming along nicely. Problem is, that doesn’t help a bit once someone starts speaking. We stammer out our broken German and get a response either in perfect English, in an attempt to put us/them out of our collective misery, or in such a rapid mouthful of foreign-ness that we are completely dumbfounded. On a bright note we have now added ALF to our list of rerun shows we’re watching in German. Really adds to our throwback life…jigsaw puzzles, yoyos & ALF episodes. We may be giving Canadians a pretty lame reputation among our international neighbours. 

This new, low key life doesn’t inspire a lot of photos. Which I guess answers my earlier pondering about our ability to marvel once things become less new. I do still marvel at this place, every day, both the good and the head-scratching kind of marvelling. I guess it is just the new, slow-paced busyness that doesn’t inspire a pause for a photo. Must try harder on that…

An everyday scene… delicious jam on thick slices of bread comprises breakfast at the start of the day

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