Fall is in the air.

Thankfully, in contrast to my gastronomic problem shared yesterday, there is Friday, with the market it brings, overflowing with produce of every variety imaginable. 

I now factor the market into my weekly shopping so that I can score some deliciousness not available in the grocery stores. Getting bolder, I spent more than last week (13CHF over the 8 I spent last week) but still have avoided the embarassement of having to put stuff back.
Fall is in the air.

You know what isn’t in the air? Halloween! No sign of Halloween decor or candy anywhere. Fall is allowed to be Fall, and nothing more. It is refreshing. I would admit that Halloween isn’t my favourite occasion. Being an early-night kind of gal, the idea of getting dressed up, after dinner, for an evening out with no perameters around when it will end, is not my favourite thing. Unless it’s book-club of course, which I will always make an exception for. 

So as a head’s up to those who love this occasion (Christy, it’s your favourite, right?) don’t plan a trip to Switzerland in October. You’ll be disappointed. 

What you will see instead is a bountiful harvest of all things beautiful. I don’t know how long they can make this last, but I sure hope it goes on at least as long as we’ll have guests visiting. I’ve been told that “chestnuts roasting on an open fire” season is right around the corner so that’s pretty darn exciting too.

I hope to see this scene every Friday forever more.
Feeling badly that I harvested some of this from the outside of a fence the other day. Who knew it could fetch such a high price!

I’ve stocked up on fresh produce so I should be able to balance out the four helpings of gnocchi from last night. Balance is the key to everything…I think I’m getting the hang of this.

I even avoided a near disaster on my way to the market. Look at how the patios set up for the morning traffic. 

Set out with a basket of fresh croissants just waiting for you to sit and enjoy them. The patios all now supply blankets as well because obviously the cooler weather doesn’t drive customers indoors, it simply means that provisions need to be supplied to keep it cozy. And an ash-tray, of course.

This weekend we will head into the country to take in some fall festivities. We are very excited. I’m excited that the cooler weather allows me to wear pants (albeit ill fitting at the moment) and sweaters again. Fall really is the very best season for dressing. Time to tuck away our summer wardrobes and rediscover what we packed for the cooler months.

It amazes  me that despite bringing a very paired down wardrobe, the same rule applies as at home where we only wear 20% of our clothing. I hope that I can transition this to a far more streamlined approach at home with closets and dressers that are not over flowing with options. 

Our week rounded out with three tired students. My German learning continues to consist of what I can pick up through overheard conversations in the street and on the bus and my attempts to practice on the poor cashiers who cross my path. The Nespresso store is where I feel most fluent. With such a limited range of conversation I am able to tell them what I want, confirm that yes, I would like a bag, yes, I would very much enjoy a cup of coffee with milk, thank them and wish them a good day, all without a word of English! I leave the store feeling oh-so-proud of myself and a wee bit hopped up on caffeine.

Studeny number 3 practicing his German before his test.
Mom & Kim come in just over 2 weeks and I couldn’t be more excited. It has made me look at Winterthur through the eyes of a tour-guide, planning what to show them first, where to stroll for the biggest wow-factor. 

So much of Winterthur is beautiful, like this gazebo which left me sining “I am sixteen going on seventeen…” in my head all morning.
And then you come across yards like this…impressive, no doubt about that. But perhaps a wee bit over the top for lawn ornaments.
As far as the kids were concerned, this was a perfect lawn ornament. And a pokemon-go target as well. As if you didn’t need another excuse to book a flight to come visit!

Always happy for another Friday. The kids were thankful as it meant we were 1 week closer to coming home…hmmm, seems home sickness is still the predominate force around here. Travel can be relied on for that one element; it will always make home that much sweeter.


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