Thankful indeed

As we round out this far-from-home Thanksgiving weekend we are feeling optimistic that we have tapped back into the good stuff. Being on vacation will do that; I am not naive enough to credit this feeling of happy blissfulness to just our good, gratitude-focused attitude. 
But I do like to think that our determination to see all we have to be thankful for has helped us reclaim our bliss. Sunday was a cool and soggy day which left us housebound. Possibly a recipe for constant sibling squabbles but we somehow managed to navigate around the worst of them. A jigsaw puzzle, colouring books and Netflix saved the day. 

Today the sun was back for Helena’s 8th birthday. Diego and I did our best to sing loudly to make up for the lack of buddies and family around to celebrate with. All the cards & gifts that arrived in the mail helped make Helena feel very loved and spoiled. 

This was early…we’re still a few years away from developing the good sleeping in skills.
Feeling very loved.
“Sing louder Mom & Diego!”
Lunch in the sun with our birthday girl.
Swiss-style birthday cake. yum.

We set out for some birthday shopping in town and then a special dinner out on the strip. We are definitely channeling the Thanksgiving vibe over here as all three of us waddled home with terrible spaghetti carbonara gut. Same problem here as at the Thanksgiving table, you know you have gone well past full and yet for some reason you just can’t stop eating. Finally pushing away from the table, resolved to not have another bite and then oh look, there’s some chocolate!

The birthday girl!
Here’s to being 8!
D got to play photographer for this one.

Tomorrow we will eat plants and nothing else to make up for the gluttony. 

We had many moments to pause and feel reflective and appreciative here. It’s hard not to when the view is so grand. 

Mmmmmm, salame.
This sculpture was amazing.
On our way into town for dinner. Good thing this fisherman was in his best camo-gear. He was able to sneak up on those fish like a panther. They never saw it coming…
We are so lucky to get to enjoy this little slice of paradise. And just when we thought things couldn’t get any better a strange and completely unexpected thing happened. Guess what this is:

My stolen phone!! Recovered!

Well I’ll be a monkey’s uncle! How completely unexpected and totally astounding. In the hours and days following the fateful moment when it was snatched I was holding out hope that the “perp” would have a change of heart and return the phone to the store. I put up a little poster at the store and went back often in that first 36 hours to see if it had turned up. I know that the staff at the store were thinking “Poor crazy lady. Does she really think her phone is going to turn up? She needs to get a grip and accept that it is GONE!” 

Well ha!! It DID turn up. And even I am stunned by this turn of events having long since come to terms with my loss. Manolo got a text from an architect who found the phone on his job site. He figures that it was one of his workers who stole it and then ditched it once he couldn’t unlock it. 

When does this ever happen!? You’ll see it still even has my driver’s license with it which was another worrisome part of it being stolen. Is it a coincidence that now that we have set our minds to being thankful, strangely good things are happening? I like to think it isn’t a coincidence but merely our angels having fun with us. We’ll take it! We’re loving every minute of it!

Just when we had begun to write off humanity through our string of bad-luck scenarios last month, we are now forced to see it all in a new light again. The constant reminders to the kids that it is ALWAYS in their best interest to stay on the good side of karma has paid off. We are blessed, we are thankful and we are ready to pay it forward to keep these good vibes flowing! 

(Are you feeling that dud-renters!?!? How about if you just go ahead and move on out of our house. Maybe leave a nice big cheque on the counter for all the money you owe us? That would sure set your own karma on the right path…)


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  1. Elisabeth says:

    Wonderful news!!!! Happy Birthday Helena from Nonna and Abuelo .


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