Serious tourist time. 

We’ve packed a whole lot of sight seeing into these past few days. Carefully watching the forecast in an attempt to maximize our potential of finding sun. There hasn’t been a lot of it but when we have found it, it has been glorious. 

It’s been an intense schedule. Hitting as many highlights as possible. Winterthur Friday market, Rapperswil, Konstanz (Germany) and Lucerne. Konstanz was our only sunny destination and boy did we love it. But despite the rain, all our destinations have been amazing. It is so fun to share with others, the places we’ve come to enjoy so much.    

Turns out that when you’ve been a walking urbanite for 3.5 months you develop a walking pace that is uncomfortable for visitors. Not sure Mom & Kim have appreciated being hustled along as much as I’ve been guilty of enforcing. But they’ve been troopers and have mustered a run when instructed abruptly to do so in order to keep the transit schedule. 

The train rides have provided the perfect space for the kids to conduct German lessons. As Helena pointed out “it’s good to have a little Deutsch, Grandma.”

We’ve arrived home each night, pooped, laden with shopping bags and often with tired, soggy feet. But in order to see as much as we, there’s no time to rest, it’s up & out bright and early each morning for the next sight to see. Plenty of time to sleep on the plane ride home. 

The sights we’ve toured over the last few days have finally lived up to the Swiss expectation. The palm trees & handsome Italian men in Lugano paint a very different picture than what one expects upon visiting Switzerland. But up here in the north, you really get a sense of the true Swiss scene, cows with bells, lederhosen, castles and heimatorts. (Bet you’ve never heard of a heimatort! Either had we. Luckily we have a good one. Manolo and the kids that is, I’m just the cook/house keeper, remember?)

Here’s a collection of the images we captured along the way. 

Rapperswil (Pronounced Rappersville) a beautiful town at the end of Lake Zurich. 

Passages into the castle.
Gorgeous Fall colours.
Perfect window boxes. So pretty you’re convinced they’re fake. But that wouldn’t be very Swiss…
A pretty view of the lake.

Next stop, Konstanz, Germany. A cross-border shopping mecca for those who hope to avoid Swiss sticker shock. Also happens to be a gorgeous city on a huge lake. 

You know the drill, doors + bikes + flowers = photos
Pretty displays to tempt you.
The shopping was so good we had to buy a suitcase to haul it all home. (Kidding, had to replace Kim’s which hadn’t survived the stairs and cobblestone streets of Italy.)
HUGE cathedral in the square.
The view of the lakeside.
Helena, enjoying the view.
Everything was prettier with a gorgeous blue sky behind it.
Diego giving cross-dressing a try.

After Konstanz we headed to Lucerne. Hoping for a dry day but once again got caught in the rain. So we hopped on a boat for a 2 hour of the lake which was the perfect way to stay dry. 

The main station in Zurich is often a stop on our way.
The stern.
So many pretty sights from the boat.
We even went to Weggis! (Pronounced Vegas)
Cappuccino and chocolate. How civilized.
Almost done the tour and headed back to Lucerne.

Once off the boat, the rain having subsided quite a bit, we carried on by foot to marvel at this amazing city. 

Photos don’t do it justice. It is so gorgeous.
The flowers along the bridge, on both sides, were incredible.
Quick, pose, while it isn’t raining.
D & H peaking over.
Happy Grandma. She loved Lucerne.
Strolling through the covered bridge.

Pretty squares around every corner.
The only blue sky we saw…it lasted about 45 seconds.
More spectacular Fall colours.
The clock at the bottom of the clock tower was massive and so pretty.
Moments when the clouds would lift we could see the Alp’s.
Helena, imagining what Rapunzel must have felt like.
Peering out the clock tower window, pretty as a princess.

The clock tower. Lots of stairs up to the top but so worth the view.
D chased down this car hoping for another Mclaren sighting. Turned out it was just an Acura, impersonating a super car.
Kim with a Swiss cow.
The Lion. So glad we found it.

One final tourist day before we put Kim on a plane. Tomorrow we tour Zurich without the kids as they’ll be back at school. The Johnson girls on the loose…could be trouble!


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  1. Elisabeth says:

    What a schedule!!!! A Swiss would never do that, ha ha ha!


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