And then we were 5…

Today we said goodbye to my sister, Kim. As a mom of 4 boys she is an expert on all things fun and my kids are very sad that she’s gone. Anything that represents a connection to home is hard to let go of. Thank goodness we still have Grandma for another week. 

The fact that we said farewell to her at 11:00 am and that now at 9:30 pm she is STILL ON A PLANE is mind boggling. It really is a long, long way. You’re welcome that we didn’t choose to move to Australia for a year!

Right up until the very end we did our best to pack in the full Swiss experience. Kim even got up at 5:00am today to take in D’s early morning hockey practice. (See above reference to being a mom of 4 boys) 

Her departure marks the end of the holiday. Kids are back in school. Life returns to normal. We are giving Grandma a taste of our everyday life here. So far it has been soggy but we’re hoping the rest of the week will bring some sun. 

Real life does not involve having an Aperol Spritz every afternoon. Mom and I are on a detox. Day 1 and I can already sense our resolve crumbling. But a 1 day detox is better than nothing, right? It proves we can totally do it, right?

Our last day with Kim was spent in Zurich doing a final souvenir hunt. There are loads of gorgeous shops in Zurich; a good number of which we have no business being in. The people watching in places like that never gets old. Imagining the stories behind the image of perfection is what we girls do best. And still, it is the stylish, immaculately put together men we most enjoyed watching. So tempted to buy scarves, pointy shoes and tapered pants to bring home for Corey & Manolo but luckily we knew better and settled for buying ourselves another scarf instead. The sacrifices we were willing to make…

Off to a good start. Espresso Macchiatos in Winterthur before the train. Pretty clear we were back in Switzerland…one of these wee cups cost the same as 3 cappuccinos in Italy.
Even we know that 11:00 am is too early for the first Aperol. Despite how warm and inviting this looked!
It’s impossible to choose which street to turn on, they were all so pretty.
Fall colours in Zurich.
The sun came out for our last day; thank goodness.
Can we grow ivy like this at home? I think it looks like wrapping buildings with pretty, cozy blankets.
Even the shop dedicated to wares all of recycled materials was out of our price range.
A store just for Hiematort shopping! How very exclusive and Swiss.
To wrap it all up, the last patio Aperol of the trip. A perfect note to end on.

Having family here has been so amazing. Having them marvel at the same places/things we have marveled at feels so great. It had helped make our home away from home feel that much more full of love. 

And for Mom, the tour carries on. She will be treated to the rare treat of the Swiss communal laundry system, our incredibly efficient transit system and strangely over priced produce to name a few highlights. We aim to please. 

When your tours include signs like this you know your host has really gone the extra mile.

Book now. Space is limited. 


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