Exceptional moments in the ordinary days

So our ordinary Saturday here turned out to be a little extraordinary. It started as all our late-fall Saturdays would at home; setting out to play hockey. But that’s about where the similarities end…

Here, this was our first Swiss hockey game despite attending practices since September. So we were some excited, and a whole lot nervous. It also meant being up at 6:00 to catch the 6:30 bus for the rink. Dry-land warm up for 1/2 an hour before suiting up. Better them than me, hustling outside in the cold & dark. Little troopers…

The game itself was a whole lot different than at home. Penalties, time-outs, back to the dressing room for tea in between periods and the other team even pulled their goalie in the third period. All the action of an NHL game, in the playoffs. Crazy. D had a few super close opportunities but was denied his first Swiss goal. Fingers crossed for next game. 

Wow it’s early…and why/how are the nets suspended in the air!?
Ready for action.

After the game we decided to make it a super-car-Saturday. We have noticed that the super-cars come out on the weekends so we set out for Zurich to have a look. Diego had also identified that Zurich had a Mclaren dealership and has been desperate to go. The experience did not disappoint…

We found the dealership and lucked out to witness a father-son pair shopping for their very own. We watched as they fired her up and took it out for a test drive. D was beside himself. So fun. 

I was beyond curious. Who are these people who could consider dropping +400,000 CHF (well over 1/2 a million $CAD) on a car!? It’s a good thing I’ve practiced my gawker skills so much since being here. We were in full gawk-mode. Shamelessly staring, wide eyed and giggly as we watched the salesman dance around them. What is the commission on a sale like that!? He was so kind to us, I sure hope he sealed the deal. 

This is what the capacity to spend over a 1/2 million on a car looks like, and the salesman bowing at their feet.
D capturing a video as they fired up the engine.
“Quick Buddy, hop in while the Salesman is busy!”

False advertising…despite the sign, there was not a Bugatti to be seen.

Simple as that, you just hop in and drive away. (Once you’ve proven your considerable net worth that is.)

Not wanting to leave Helena out of the fun we also found a lovely French bakery for a cappuccino & hot chocolate which made us feel as though we were in Paris. 

Thanks for the yummy drinks Grandma!
Trying on hats for a little added style.

With all that excitement we’re all pooped and glad to have a low-key Sunday ahead. Planning for a lazy day and hoping in Switzerland our kids actually sleep the extra hour on daylight savings. 

But I’m not holding my breath…


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