Real life once again

Having Grandma with us this week has been wonderful. An extra bus rider, story listener, dish washer, laundry folder, adult conversationalist. So great to have company to share our days with, even though our days are now back to the rhythm of our ordinary routine. No more tourist adventures, back to the business of school, hockey, grocery shopping and real life. 

That’s the great thing about Grandmas, or at least our Grandma, they are just as happy to be included in the ordinary life as the tourist life. Home cooked meals, early bed times, afternoon walks and game nights. It’s all good. 

Grandma has been introduced to our Swiss everyday. German homework, our crazy communal laundry system, the daily effort of recycling and grocery shopping and our incredibly efficient and reliable transit system. It’s a glamorous life we lead. 

The Friday morning market routine.
Discovering weird & wonderful new produce at the market.
Our outdoor rink, where we’ll spend a lot of our days this winter. Popular with the locals.
Showing off our neighborhood church & our fall colours.
Visiting Dad at work.

Always something new & unusual to see at the Bahnhof.
Highlights of the week included a free concert at the big city church to hear some Bach & Braum played on the big organ. These are the urban moments we’ve been so excited to share with Grandma. 

Early morning hockey practices and Diego’s first game. Fraught with butterflies and nervous tummies, the newness of these routines are slowly becoming familiar. 

Grandma was even a co-conspirator in a laundry heist! Desperate for clean clothes, we watched our laundry room for an opening, a moment we could sneak our load in when it wasn’t even our day! We got 2 loads done before being busted. These are exciting times!

Our days with Grandma have lacked the full sunshine needed to really show off our pretty city. But there have been a few bright moments that have helped her see just how lucky we are. 

Grandma enjoying a rest mid walk.
A city is only as great as its green space; in my opinion that is.

Hoping to find more sun and a few great memories to add to the bank before it’s time for Grandma to return home. Praying these days go by as slowly as possible. Who will I share an Aperol with once she’s gone?

First attempt at home made Aperols. Missing having Kim here to join us. They just aren’t the same when not on a sunny patio.

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