Our view from here

Big week here. Our two very first Swiss play dates.

Well, to be accurate, the play dates were in Switzerland with my two Swiss kids. The other kids were not Swiss but rather Polish and American. Baby steps…so far no Swiss families are trying to be our friends. We remain ever hopeful.

I tell you what is a new and exciting experience. Having your own child, playing with another child, in your home, chatting away in a language that is new unfamiliar. Such a bizarre feeling. “Who is that kid and who taught her how to speak that language!?” Pretty darn amazing.

Helena and her bestie from school, a sweet girl from Poland.

Less awesome is heading over to a new family’s house who have the potential to be friends for the whole family and discovering you don’t have as much in common… Not because they aren’t lovely or the kids haven’t hit it off, but because the gorgeousness of their home means we may never, ever be able to have them over to our wee, filthy hovel. Their home was jaw droppingly gorgeous. The children played with their drones while they weren’t at the squash courts.

They want to get together again. I need to think of clever excuses before they discover that we live in squalor and can’t possibly be friends.

Helena in front of the pretty tree and very gorgeous couch. I came across as yelly – “don’t touch that! Put that down! Watch out!” I was so afraid we would break something.

Incompatability aside, it’s so great to be making friends. It adds a richness to our days that is sorely missed.

That said, living in the heart of Christmas paradise is really pretty rich. The fact that I can get a delicious cup of mulled wine on practically ever corner is how Christmas should always be!

Life is pretty photogenic around here these days. Thought I’d share some of the highlights of what we’re seeing on our daily out & abouts.

Guess what this is!? A sidewalk fire-pit! So gorgeous and toasty.
Love this…we didn’t take anything; our cups were already running over that day!
Our gingerbread house village. Thanks T&J!
The mulled wine tent at the square in town. Open every day all month!! Now THAT is Christmas spirit.
Horse drawn covered wagon just clip clopping down our street. Just like in Bragg!
Amidst all the beautiful Christmas scenes are also frighteningly creepy scenes.
Hooray! We finally found a Christmas Tree lot. Strangely tiny trees but they’ll be just perfect for our postage-stamp sized apartment.
Not in fact a snowy ski hill but rather the selfie-booth at the mall!

We spent yesterday touring the festivities in Zurich with around a million other people. It was amazing.

Unseasonably gorgeous day in Zurich.
Sunny days bring out super cars. Super cars make D one happy kid!!
This is what a billionaire looks like. Turns out he was a super friendly billionaire. Even willing to chat with us proletariat.
Christmas came early for this kid!

With D’s day made in spades, we were free to wander through the markets and streets.

More amazing portable fire pits.
Fine dining, sidewalk style.
The balloon animal craze that began in our living room is now sweeping the country.
More amazing pop-up chalets.

After wandering through the market we made our way towards the Haupt Bahnhof to see the lights and the trees.

Sidewalk dining is still popular despite the chilly temperatures. With a population so full of smokers it is guaranteed patronage.
Gorgeous twinkly lights everywhere.
A massive, spectacular chandelier in the train station.
The famous Swarovski tree. The glow comes just from light reflecting off of all the twirling crystals.
Thousands of crusts ornaments make this tree so sparkly.

After touring through Zurich with our amazing guide Titi, we made our way to Bäretswil for fondue. Elastic-waist pants are mandatory.

Helping to prepare the feast. Stir rapidly over very high heat, always in a figure 8.
The feast. So. Much. Cheese.

What do you do after a cheese fondue? You spend the day at home, wallowing in your cheese/bread/wine/kirsch hangover.


We may not survive this month…I need to shop for new pants.


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  1. Anne says:

    Hi Anna
    You know I have only spent 2 days with you but I feel like you are a best friend from all the stories Rose shares about you. I think you have a wonderful sense of humour and you are a great story teller. Don’t let your living conditions determine who you can be friends with. Just be the shining light that you are and it won’t matter as they are enjoying your friendship and company not where you live!


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