Merry Christmas to all…

Never has it been more apparent to us that as long as you are with family, you are at home. We still talk of home as Canada but we have most certainly felt all the warmth of home here this Christmas. 

The age of our kids creates the perfect balance of wonder and stamina meaning that we can make the most of each day. With my goal of “no Christmas experience left behind!” the stamina has been fairly crucial. But who are we kidding, it’s the stamina of Mom and Dad that starts to wear thin…a constant supply of candy would ensure that the kids could go on forever. 

The Christmas scenes we’ve continued to discover here offer both “just like home” familiarity and head scratching perplexion. 

What would Christmas be without the school Christmas concert. This one was perhaps the most high quality Christmas concert we’ve ever experienced. Impressive music & singing which lasted just 30 minutes. Perfect!
For the “hmmmm” factor, burning logs greeted us at Helena’s concert creating a fabulous campfire feel. Nothing like unprotected, unsupervised fire around elementary school children to remind us that we aren’t in North America anymore.

Santa, or Samichlaus, visiting the boys at hockey to hand out gifts.

A Christmas tree lot in Winterthur. Most trees are purchased on Christmas Eve here.

Pretty balconies in Zurich.
One last Gluwein of the season on my day-out in Zurich with the kids on the first day of Christmas holidays.

A special Christmas treat.
Too many choices!!
Happy kids with their treats.
A tree made of wooden sleds.
As pretty as any Christmas scene anywhere.

Here, the big family gathering is on Christmas Eve. We were treated to an incredible feast, shared with our Swiss family. Christmas has proven to be just as wonderful, festive and full of love as it is in Canada. 

A pretty, festive table for our feast.
Amazing hand crafter appetizers courtesy of Auntie Monika
Delicious sweet potato cappuccino soup courtesy of Titi.

Festive drinks for the kids too.
Auntie Monika doling out the first Christmas gifts.

Cousins, bonding over lego.
A traditional Swiss Christmas tree lit by real candles and sparklers resulting in a “what the heck!?” reaction from the Canadians.
Happy cousins relaxing after a big meal.

After a lovely evening with too much food and wine we walked the block and a half back home to tuck into bed in hopes of an un-Swiss visit from Santa. 

Lego has the ability to take over the world. Helena is in heaven!
Included in her haul was a set not yet available in stores. Turns out Uncle Thomas has some serious Lego connections.
A Merry-Christmas special coffee makes the early morning a little easier.

Perhaps the greatest gift of all this year is the happiness of the kids. In a world where I still wonder almost every day just how this year is shaping us all, Helena delivered my most precious gift this morning. 

With a huge grin on her face she remarked “I love my life. I’m a happy girl.”

And that, for me, is all I could ask for. Indeed, it’s a wonderful, wonderful life. 

Sending love, happiness and Christmas greetings to all our family and friends at home. Thank you for the love you have sent our way. May your days be as merry and bright as ours have been. 


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