Our favourite role, playing the tour guide. 

The most anticipated moment since we moved to Switzerland. Our buddies have arrived!

They’re coming! They’re coming!

They made it!!

Arriving to a glorious and unseasonably mild day in Zurich, we are finally reunited  with our besties. Getting to revisit our world through the eyes of those seeing it for the first time is such a treat. Especially when sharing it with friends who oooh & ahhh at all the right places. 

Really, we could trap the kids in their bedrooms together for 10 days and they would be happy as clams while Cath and I tour town pretending we don’t have children. That would be bliss. 

But instead we are dragging the kids along to all the sights and just pretending they don’t belong to us. 

Best buddies.
Pretty scenes in Zurich.
Showing them our favourite treat shops
Teaching them about super cars.
The lake at Zurich.
Cath, flirting with George.

Best buddy shenanigans.
The girls enjoying red-carpet life.

When friends travel around the world to see you, you pull out all the stops. 

Roped Cath into a volunteer shift with me for our local hockey tournament. We all know Cath is happiest when she’s volunteering.

Volunteer schedule. “Freundin von Anna” is scheduled for an hour longer than me. Sorry about your luck Buddy, I’ll see you back at the house.
Who says European living is glamorous?

I did round out her day with a lovely walk through our woods once we were released from the dish pit. 

Helped Cath conquer a fear – fear of drinking from public water fountains. If ever there was a safe place to do it, in the woods in Switzerland must be in. Shhhhh, don’t tell her this is actually a livestock fountain…(kidding Cath!)
Showed off the beautiful festive decor in our neighborhood

With our volunteer duties taken care of we were free to head south to Lugano. Cath and the kids immediately saw why we love this place so much. 

Stocking up on candy and smokes before the trip.
Train buddies
Italian trains…not like the Swiss, we arrived half an hour late.

Arrived! So happy to be here.

Cath, enjoying the view.
Lunch on the terrace.
The girls in their room. Kenzie said “I want to live here!”

So much adventure to be had in the days to come. Although it is most tempting to just park ourselves on the terrace with a coffee in the morning, Aperol Spritz in the afternoon and send the kids off in search of lizards. Might give that a go for tomorrow. 


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  1. Margaret Watson says:

    How lucky can my grandchildren be! To be in such a glorious place at such a young age and with best friends. Enjoy love Nana


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