New Years musings

So 2016 has had a bad rap. I guess that’s fair. I could easily reflect back and identify difficult parts as well; perhaps some of the hardest of our lives. But I can also credit 2016 for propelling us into the biggest adventure of our lives. And so for that reason, in my books, 2016 will go down as a great year. 

A year that tests us so that we can discover within ourselves the strength and character to overcome the biggest challenges we’ve ever faced is a good thing. The years we coast through on happiness and ease don’t leave quite the same mark. So thanks 2016. You seriously kicked our butts and we are better for it. 

We eagerly anticipate the same of 2017. More adventure, more challenges. Not being one for lofty New Years resolutions, I think this year will be the exception. There is so much I still hope to accomplish in our remaining time here. Time to kick it up a notch! Bring it…

We couldn’t have brought 2016 to a close any better. Celebrating with our besties is a dream. Sharing delight and awe as we explore this too-beautiful-to-be-real world. Our cups all runneth over with gratitude and joy. Exactly the way a year should be bid adieu; appreciative for all we have. 

Last jigsaw puzzle of 2016.
Train buddies – excursion to Italy.

My train buddy.
Finishing off 2016 with a little chocolate factory tour.
Handstands at the chocolate factory.
Followed by a little hike to Italy…why not?
Palm trees and cigarettes. It’s how they roll in Italy.
Pretty doors in Italy too.
Pretty view into Italy.

An empty fountain is the perfect spot for 4 cute Canadian kids.
The kids are looking for the border.
We made it.
The girls were in heaven at the market.
The quintessential accessory in Europe.
What’s for lunch in Italy? Why pizza of course.
Cath finally found a coffee cup big enough to climb into.
Back to Switzerland and the land of fountains.
And an Aperol Spritz for Cath and I.

After a cocktail and an Italian feast we were ready to take on the town for the big New Years festivities. 
Igloo bar anyone?
Checking out the big stage.

Turns out we were an hour and a half early for the party…it doesn’t start to heat up until 11:00. Thankfully, 1 hour later we were back home again, getting into pjs to watch the fireworks happening across the lake in Italy. 

Pjs and New Years cocktails – much more our style.
Cheers buddies!
Bottoms up.

Happiest New Year to all our family and friends back home. 2017 is here already and we can tell it’s going to be great!


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