The confusion continues

I did a yoga session this morning. The mantra to be mindful of was “go with the flow”. So very fitting for our life here. Considering the frequency of moments of total confusion, our ability to let go of rigid ideas and simply ride it out is by far the wisest path to take.

Sometimes this results in moments of perplexing bliss – like this weekend when we were invited to our friends’ place to go sledding. (As a side note, it was a bizarre feeling to be leaving our urban world to travel out of the country to the house with the best sledding hill. WE used to be that house! It was like visiting the Swiss version of our Bragg Creek life. Oh the nostalgia…)

So given the invite to go sledding (not tobogganing – no one understands that word here) we felt pretty darn confident – this is our domain, we can do this with our eyes closed. So we layered up, thrilled for a chance to use all the snow gear we packed here and headed out, sleds in hand.

Sleds on a train…we’ve got this!

Upon arriving, it became clear that I had under dressed – or over dressed in this case with the long underwear and myriad synthetic layers I was sporting. The other adults were in spiffy Sunday attire, sipping champagne. It took me a while to adjust to the situation so rather than opting for the bubbles I felt that my sledding attire was more suited to a beer.

Who knew!? IKEA does beer. Could have used a side of clam but I knew the chances were pretty low.

A few layers shed and I was right ready to jump on that champagne bandwagon. Turns out that viewing the children sledding through a gorgeous big window while sipping champagne is the proper way to go sledding. Always trust the Europeans – they’ve been doing this a whole lot longer than we have.

There’s the sledding slope, just behind the restaurant.

There are other things I’m  aware of that I’m probably doing wrong. Most recently a new campaign has appeared at the train station.

This is everywhere right now, on multiple billboards in both the Winterthur and Zurich train stations.

Ran this through my trusty Google-translate because that image, on larger than life billboards, requires a bit of an explanation. The translation reads:
Uncontrol naturalization?

NO. To facilitate naturalization.

Exactly. Clear as a bell. Lost in translation is my motto.

There’s a good chance that I’m in violation of this uncontrol naturalization. It’s dang cold out there these days. This is how I look every time I leave the house…

Little bit of uncontrol naturalization happening here.

Oh, and remember how confidently I declared that Halloween is not a thing here and that it was a relief? So this is what the stores have on display now.

Halloween in January anyone?

Sure looks a lot like a Halloween display. Is there some sort of costume themed event coming up that we need to be aware of? Or is January just the time of year when one stocks up on costume wear to be ready for when the need arises? Should we be getting on board? So much confusion…

Hopefully that will soon be a thing of the past. Monday I start intensive German lessons. After 3 times having my class cancelled and postponed by a month each time, it is finally going ahead. Time to abandon my favourite “Sprechen Sie Englisch?” phrase. Hoping that all my in-home studying has paid off and I can assume the role of the annoying “mature” student at the front of the class.

Speaking of students, we have an update on the school bully situation. There is a new bully in Helena’s life, terrorizing her classmates on their walk from the bus to school. This kid waits for them to walk by, jumps out and starts sucker punching them. According to Helena “the punches in the gut hurt the most. Stomach punches always hurt.” Indeed.

The school is aware of this kid but the tricky part is that the kid doesn’t go to their school. That’s because the kid is in kindergarten…and this kid is a little girl. So there’s a  5 or 6 year old little girl, scaring the heck out of the grade 3 & 4 kids at Helena’s school.

Not the wall-flower type, our own girl has recognized the absurdity of this situation and has taken it upon herself to stand up to this tiny bully. Helena is beyond energized and invigorated by the situation. Every morning she can’t wait to get off the bus and begin the slow and scary walk to school so that she can be there to defend her buddies. As soon as this little terror begins her tirade, Helena grabs her by the arm, spins her around and tells her to stop. This morning the bully retaliated by spitting in her hair…ewwww.

This is the stuff of movies I tell you! Helena  welcomes every opportunity she can to help her buddies, who are totally terrorized, to make it down the sidewalk. But despite her ability to stand up to this kid, it doesn’t seem to be stopping her. Tonight at supper we strategized what her next move should be. Considering this has been happening now for MONTHS, our advice was to “punch the little shit back!” Do you agree? Are we bad parents? We’re all kind of excited for tomorrow’s show down. I might hide in the bushes to watch. Trouble is that I might try to punch the kid which I do know would be wrong.

Never a dull moment here. Just going with the flow…




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