Vive la France

So when you have plans to meet fabulous friends from Canada in Bern for a day but one of them sprains her ankle making a day of exploration impossible, the logical response is to make a mad dash to the train station to go find them in France. 

Logical for us because we are Canadian and totally unphased by 3.5 hours of travel to see friends. Complete madness to the Swiss. 

I’ll admit it did feel a little mad when up at 4:50 this morning to catch the train back home so that I can still get D to hockey in Zurich. 

But great cheese, wine and baked good in the company of delightful friends is always the right choice. 

Geneva, here I come!
Fun and funky, right outside the station in Geneva.
Enjoying the sights while waiting for the bus to France.
Even cooler to see all lit up when I came by again before 6:00 am.
Cool double decker.
And then there was this…not quite the French style one expects.

Off the train in Geneva, onto the bus to travel to France. Quick scenic tour to get there. 

Little tour past the United Nations.
Cool art installation out front near the UN.

Moments later I arrived in Ferney-Voltaire greeted by the most lovely familiar face. An old camp buddy from way, way back; Julie was on her way home from a week of work in Jordan. 

While our host Tiffany sat at home nursing a very sore and swollen leg, Julie became tour-guide in this wee French border town. 

The pretty part of Ferney-Voltaire.
A very dangerous bakery just blocks from Tiffany’s house.
Yes please.
Spring is in the air.
When in France…
A few errands in town to help our gimpy friend get some mobility again. True to a full French experience we were yelled at twice and treated with disdain while attempting to communicate our needs. Really, without the verbal abuse, a trip to France just wouldn’t feel complete. 

Ferney-Voltaire is a cross-border-shopping Mecca. The first location for us to get yelled at. Our broken French and attempts at charades finally landed the crutches we needed. (Plus an accidental ankle brace and foot file.)
The Walmart-Supercentre sized grocery store blew my mind! You could truly find EVERYTHING there.
Up to the apartment. Crazy old-school elevators. One for even floors, one for odd.
Teeniest old-school elevator ever. 2 people max.
Yummiest spread ever.

Whirlwind trip which will need to be followed by a longer stay one day. A solid dose of time with old friends was perfection. 

Oh, and who knew…fennel bulbs make a good train snack. 

My seat mate gobbled up these bulbs like they were apples. You always learn something new on the train.

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