Spring is in the air. 

My friends and family in Alberta are advised not to read this post. Just skip this one…I’ll do my best to provide a post soon just for you, all full of hockey and static electricity and chapped lips. 

In the meantime, this post is full of signs of Spring. Green grass, flowers, budding trees and happy Swiss/Canadians.  

The park/forest just behind our house. That is no winter-lawn people!

I have long wondered what it would be like to live in a place that had a proper Spring. 

Bragg Creek does not. 

Following the cold and dark days of Nov & Dec there are chinook days which give everyone hope through their headaches. But those are always followed by more winter. 

And more winter. 

And a little more winter. 

That pattern carries on well past March, into April and right on into May sometimes. 

And then Bam! One day it’s summer. And you find yourself wondering “what happened to Spring?”

Ever since it started to get cold here in late October I would ask every local I could what the winters were like here. Specifically when would it start to get “nice” again. By “nice” I mean sunny. 

(In that regard, I will say that despite lasting well beyond its welcome, winters back home are nice and sunny, even glorious on many a day. Back home I love winter. I am so jealous and home sick with every new trail report coming out of West Bragg. It looks like heaven!)

Winter here is grey. Very grey. That’s why I was trying to gauge when we could anticipate a reprieve. Without fail, every local said it would start to get nice around April…

Um, I don’t know what April is going to be like but this mid-February early Spring is fantastic!

Nothing says Spring like tulips.

These sweet little white flowers are popping up everywhere.
As with all things that I wax on about in my blog, I know that this is just inviting fate to bring a whole host of bad weather our way. 

(Following my post about my first flu and how remarkably healthy I had been up until then I got not 1 but two bad colds. I’ve been clutching a snotty Kleenex in my hand around the clock for what’s going on 4 weeks now. When will I learn my lesson to never boast about anything online?)

So I’m ready, I’m bracing for the crappy weather. The days upon days of rain. But in the meantime I’m going to carry on being right thrilled that the tree outside our apartment has buds and blooms on it!! In February!!

See?!?! Real buds, happening right outside our door!

With pretty little pink and white flowers too!

For my friends and family in BC, I know this is normal for you. But for us Alberta kids this is a big, freaking deal and I love it!   

This is just one more opportunity to live up to a Canadian stereotype. While the Swiss are all still wrapped up tightly in their Canada Goose winter parkas (they are EVERYWHERE here) my kids are just a degree or two away from hopping right back in the fountains. It was 17 degrees here yesterday people! Put away the parkas. 

Doesn’t that fountain almost look inviting? The answer is “No, no it does not.” Unless you happen to be an 8 or 11 yr old Canadian kid who is entirely too warm!

Don’t worry haters, its back to -2 tonight with snow in the forecast. It’s not all sunshine and buds. 

Me and my happy buddies, out adventuring to enjoy a lovely Spring day.

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  1. doug bates says:

    anna what a treat to see the buds and flowers on the trees and shrubs ou your windows


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