Spring hoarding

I’ve come to the conclusion that the reason that Alberta (Bragg Creek area in particular) sometimes has such a lousy Spring is that some parts of Europe have definitely taken more than their share. Perhaps we (I still talk in the “we” voice when talking about anything back-home related) could be similarly blamed for taking too much of our share of Winter. It’s true, because we’re so good at winter, for example: hockey, downhill skiing, xc-skiing, tobogganing (such a Canadian word!! No one anywhere else knows what the heck you’re talking about. It’s sledding elsewhere) wearing toques, sled-dogs, etc. we decided to keep winter longer than usual.

Europe is good at Spring and so it is only fair that they have it for a good long while too. It really could replace a good chunk of summer in my opinion. Who needs extreme heat when you get all sweaty, your hair is frizzy all the time and you and run the risk of seeing a European style speedo at any moment. Ewwww.

Today was a Spring day for the record books. 24 and gloriously sunny. In my books that is actually a perfect summer day but this is early April so as Spring days go this is spectacular. Evidently this was unusually wonderful and I should not expect every Sunday from now on to be this fabulous. Which means what? It won’t be 24? It will only be 16 or 17? Fine by me!! That’s still perfect. I’ll take it.

This Sunday Helena and I ventured to the big city (Zurich) for a special girls’ day. Poor child was dragged to many a hockey arena this winter and she endured a lot of long, boring days. This was my way of saying thanks for being such a trooper.

And so because our day was so lovely, we wanted to share some of that with you all. We’re especially sending sunshine and love back home to Ruth. Hopefully some of these photos will make you smile Ruth and will remind you how often we are thinking of you.

There were a few flaws in our day which to be honest I now claim to be my hallmark. What would an epic outing be without at least one sprint for a train and a memorable bathroom moment where I reach for my camera… These are the makings of good memories. Perfect days without flaws don’t become stories to tell over and over again. Look for the flaws I tell you, that’s where the beauty is hiding!

Starting off right with a delicious breakfast and a taste of home. 
2 of my most favourite things…sunshine and raspberries.
Girls need their beauty treatments prior to any big outing. Charcoal masks in place.

Once the beauty routine was taken care of we set off to Zürich.

The flower beds here blow my mind.



The Sunday soundtrack. Walk a couple hundred meters and a new soundtrack takes over. So great. 

More gorgeous.
Pretty sure we need to experience the floating patio one day.
My date for the day. Lucky me!

Turned out that today was the Zürich marathon. What a day for it. Made our public transportation schedule a little wonky but that’s how we roll.

We stood and cheered long enough for me to get verklempt and weepy.


So glad to hear the stereotypical cow bell! And that’s no imitation cow bell; that’s the real deal, probably stolen from his herd just this morning. 

And just like any good spectator, inspired by their determination, hard work and perseverance we decided to go eat.

I wanted to eat outside but when Helena saw how pretty the restaurant was she insisted we stay indoors.
Watching a marathon builds up quite an appetite.
Breakfast #2 for this happy kid.

After lunch we sprinted for the train (who doesn’t love a good run immediately following a big meal?) to make our way to the theatre.

I don’t yet know the “boroughs” of Zürich so I very likely chose a theatre ridiculously far away. This dawned on me as we were sprinting for the train and we ran right past a theatre.

Wait, what?

Our German (and by “our” I mean mine – Helena would have been just fine) isn’t good enough yet to be seeing movies in German yet. Luckily there are plenty of English cinemas in town. Not the one we sprinted past. Carry on with the sprint… Oh, and while the on screen voices are still in English there are subtitles to help you follow along in TWO different languages. How crazy is that. Both German and French subtitles. I was proud of myself for being able to read along reasonably well in both.

Funky theatre area
Fancy-schmansy theatre
It’s been a while since a bathroom has inspired a photo. The tvs on the floor in the stall pretty much blew our minds.
Our seat, which is reserved when buying your ticket, was a plush, red velvet couch! You’ll notice my annual summer pink-nose is unseasonably early this year.

And to round out our perfect day, we joined Dad and Diego for dinner up at the Gabathuler’s house to welcome Monika and Heinz back from their travels in New Zealand.

Dinner “up the hill” is always a treat but it is especially so on a Sunday when the church bells ring for a solid 15 minutes straight.


Requires that dinner become a little yelly for that 15 minutes buts it’s delightful all the same. 

Today was a day to count our blessings. They are abundant.

Wishing many blessings to you all, most especially our Ruth.


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