Easter in the fast lane

We are back in full tourist mode now that Mom has arrived to spend our Spring holiday with us. Unfortunately the gorgeous Spring weather so far is not spending this holiday with us. 

Nevertheless we have found sunshine in our days by surrounding ourselves with family and new sights. 

Good Friday we designated for Grandma to recover from her jet lag so the agenda was light. Only crucial elements being catching up with D & H and drinking Aperols with me. 

Quick, drink up while the sun is still shining.
Slow and contemplative labyrinth on Good Friday. Or races to see who can sprint the whole thing the fastest. Different strategies for different generations.
Showing off our wisteria. Not to be confused with listeria. No one wants to show that shit off.

Saturday was a highly anticipated day with a trip to St. Gallen to visit family and have a personal tour of the oldest Library in Europe. 

Train rides are made immensely better by sweet dogs named Earl who will sit in your lap.
D and G’ma in the red zone.
St. Gallen cousins.

Public displays of affection are the best when celebrating a love that has lasted through time. Or is it a new romance you saucy pair!?
D at the beautiful monastery in St. Gallen.
Spring windows.
Easter fountains.
We had the most wonderful tour guide. Much held a captive audience.
The pretty streets of St. Gallen.

Following a lovely day in St. Gallen, Easter Sunday was gloomy and grey. What better way to spend a rainy day than touring a super-car museum in Romanshorn, complete with hidden chocolate bunnies!

A personal collection, on display for the public in the most spectacular setting. This place blew our mind. Any car lover would be in heaven. 

Jaws dropped the minute we walked through the door. D was some excited to see the La Ferrari.
Happy kid.
Cars we had never heard of before.
I like my chocolate with a pretty blue Ferrari on the side.
Trying on a Bugatti…
Well over 100 amazing cars on display. So impressed.

With the taste of luxury still fresh, we decided to tour some of the fancier spots in Zurich with Grandma.

 Back to the movie theatre to show off the fancy bathrooms with tvs on the floor. Literally, that’s all we did there because the movie turned out not to be in English. Oops. My bad. (I really don’t recommend this move to other parents. Hard to recover a trip to the movies when no actually movie will be involved.)

Then up to the Dolder to show off the view and the fanciness. 

This giant egg was made of carnations. The most spectacular thing ever.

All this urban fanciness is being carefully balanced by some good solid time in nature. It is afterall Spring and there are flowers to be smelled and creatures to be unearthed. 

Helena treating Grandma to a symphony with the forest chimes.
The flowers at the local cemetery were so lovely.
Urban greenhouse in Oerlikon.

Stay tuned for stories of our excursion to Geneva. The tale of an Airbnb booking gone wrong…


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