The opposite of lonely. 

The formula for a successful blog is to combine many solitary hours with questionable mid-life-crisis-resembling  decisions and the nagging thought that you may have ruined your children. 

On the contrary, if you surround yourself with the abundant love and support that comes through family and the world’s greatest friends, you will have no time whatsoever for verbose ponderings. 

I now truly understand that to date, this blog has been a product of loneliness which is why it went on a bit of a hiatus this past month. This past month has been the absolute opposite of lonely and it’s been fantastic. 

I went into our summer holiday with the goal of replenishing the social-buckets in my kids’ hearts (and my own). Buckets that had become low, a wee bit shrunken, this past year. 

Not only did we succeed in replenishing our buckets but we’ve had to add a whole battalion of buckets to our supply, simply to hold the flood of love and support in our lives. 

It has been a summer of cliches ringing true. 

“There’s no place like home.” 


“home is where the heart is.” 

I don’t know why this surprised me; why being back amidst the people we hold most dear would feel so much like home. Perhaps it is because we’ve built such a great home in Switzerland too. Both of our destinations, coming and going, have been traveling home. How lucky can we be?

Home is not a house or an address but rather it is a place where you find yourself in the company of those who know you so well and who make your heart smile. 

Cousins from near and far.
G’ma (Auntie Barb) with the next generation of cousins.
Auntie Nora with D & H.
Ice-cream in Bragg with G’ma.
Lunch with the Garcias in Bragg.
Card-sharks at the ranch.

The other cliche, which mom pointed out as we wept our way through all the goodbyes is “absence makes the heart grow fonder.”  

Having had the chance to truly miss our most dear friends and family over this past year, we’ve grown the place they occupy in our hearts and our minds. There’s nothing quite like distance and time to allow your memories to grow into the foundation of lifelong friendships. The kind of friendships which stand the test of distance and time, picking up right where you left off as though only a moment had passed.  

That is the kind of foundation that allows you to boldly step out into the world, stretching the boundaries of what you call “home”, knowing that there will always be people and places you can return to. 

So it is with this knowledge that we embark on the next year of our adventure. No longer a year of new beginnings, wonder and awe, but rather a year where the seeds we’ve already planted will continue to grow and flourish.

Long, lazy days of summer, full of girly giggles and boyhood shenanigans just might be all it takes to top up our buckets to overflowing once again. 

Early morning kite-flying with Jack.
Our favourite locals.
Not much can beat friends and pups.
A very special memory, trail riding with the best of friends.
Polar-bear hot tub swims.

There is not enough gratitude in the world to convey just how much we cherished each and every visit we had. To those who drove great distances to see us, gave up other plans just to come and hang out, endured our giant motorhome obstructing your yard or driveway, cooked a lovely meal or many meals, stayed up late to chat & laugh…know that you are the very fabric of our happiness. 

Many generations gathered.
These ladies!
Day-drinking at the river with our besties.
Countless hours of back-yard fun.
Our incredible Bragg Creek hosts.
Nona and Abuelo greeting.

Given the chance to do it all over again we’d gladly cross another ocean to spend some time together. 

Teary goodbyes – or rather “see you soon” we hope.
Back on a plane.
Oh to be the size when curling up for a sleep in a plane seat is an option.
Beautiful view as we chase the morning near the top of the globe.



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