Back into the groove.

We’re slowly but surely getting back into the rhythm of life here. We have a new found love of sleeping though and are barely able to drag or butts out of bed before 10:00 am. Tomorrow morning will be a real shock to the system.

I knew that reintegrating would be hard. It’s like the hangover from any vacation, where you find yourself feeling a wee bit sorry for yourself, wishing you were back there and fighting the acceptance of real-life. This feels like that only much, much bigger. It has a bit of the feel of a real hang-over, dizzy, unable to face the light in the morning, confused and groggy.  Those feelings are beginning to subside, only to be replaced with the mounting dread of the first day of school. Brand new school, brand new classroom, brand new teachers, brand new set of strangers yet to become new friends.

We face that Goliath tomorrow. Tensions are running high; emotions are close to the surface. Short tempers are where patience should be. Over reacting is in place of understanding. Edginess is where humour once was. We’re feeling raw and anxious – the the jitters before the big game. Tomorrow morning our 1 toilet will be in high demand!

We will draw our courage from all of the kind words you all have shared over this year and especially in the special moments where we were lucky enough to be face to face with some of you. We remember this day, this week only too well. It’s memories like this that highlight just how quickly the year has flown by. This was the week that lasted a lifetime.

We also remember that we made it through. We survived. And so it is with that knowledge that we will try to face the day. Calling on every angel and ounce of prayer and good energy each of you are sending our way. And at the end of the day there will be exhales, softened shoulders and definitely ice-cream.

Here are a few images from our first days back, reminding ourselves what we love about our life here. There is much to love.

A stroll to go see the new school. “So, so scary” say my children about every Swiss school they see. Finally, they are both in the same school. Phew! (Not without a big fight – more on that in a future post…) 

What’s the first day of school without a fresh haircut? Look closely…that’s not eye-shadow on Helena.

For the first day of school Helena will be sporting a black-eye. A trip to the pool on Saturday involved a head-to-eye collision while going down the slide with Helena’s buddy Julia. The blue and purple has pooled under her eye for a nice shiner. No bullies are going to want to mess with this tough kid!

Smiley girl – in the right light you can’t even see her tough-new look. At the hospital to visit Uncle Heinz recovering from his hip surgery. (Pretty nice decor in the hospital room. We were impressed.)

What’s this? Look closely…this is the menu at the hospital. A MENU AT A HOSPITAL! Yummiest looking choices I’d ever seen. Swiss health care is expensive and for good reason!

The real life version of the meal didn’t disappoint. You can even order wine – with your doctor’s permission of course. Heinz didn’t order any, he’s waiting for when Monika comes to join him for dinner and brings in one of their favourite bottles. How civilized is that!?

We didn’t order any wine either as we knew there would be some waiting for us on our most favourite patio in all of Switzerland. Dinner with Titi and Monika will cure any jet-lag and post-holiday blues.

Monika getting a show from our new card-shark.

Revisiting a favourite passtime. Biking into the country to go feed the goats. They’re looking a little chubby. We might not be the only ones feeding them…

Helena dreaming of a future with horses. We found this exact same competition here one year ago. Funny how our experiences have evolved to “Oh right. This!”  

You never know who you’ll find out riding in the country. A chance meeting with Andy & Mireille out on their scooters.

The centre of town all decked out for the annual music festival. There was even a Canadian headlining one night. Feist was the big act on Friday.

Only in Europe is a make-shift balcony added to the second story of the church for a beer-garden patio.

Chilling in town before heading home for the night. (The benches are part of an art installation that has been in town for months now. This pretty one is decorated in recycled lids of all size and colour. So pretty!)

Tomorrow calls for an extra big, extra smooth worry rock. I think we’re ready.

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