Scenes of a Swiss Christmas. 

Light on words, heavy on photos. We’ve been busy! A quick post to share a glimpse of our Swiss Christmas. 

Christmas officially began when Grandma arrived on the 15th.
Festivities at the airport and the promise of snow.
Complete with a pretty Swiss lady handing out chocolates – what else would one expect upon arriving in Switzerland?
We even rallied some sun for Grandma’s first days in Winterthur. The ladies are all ready for a big girls’-day in Zürich.
A very excited young lady!
Tickets to Wicked – a Christmas gift from Grandma last year, well worth the wait!
A tour through the Stadelhofen market after the show.
Showing Grandma a Swiss Christmas tree lot.
The singing Christmas tree with Glühwein in hand. A pure Christmas moment.
The sparkly streets in Zürich.
One of the spectacular Christmas trees adorning the city squares.
Another Glühwein and snack at the market in Winterthur.
A quick, chilly visit to St Gallen to take in the festive sights there.
The spectacular monastery in St. Gallen.
A gorgeous Christmas gathering in Bäretswil.
On the train to Lugano – a moment of rest for G’ma.
The scene we awoke to in Lugano the next morning. Fills the cup every time.

Festive music to welcome us to Italy. A quick cross-border trip to gather the ingredients for the coming days. 

Cheese anyone? But of course.
Successful shopping in Italy.
The spectacular tree in Lugano. Plucked from some magical forest and brought in by helicopter.
A few more ingredients to gather back in Lugano.
Including a special Christmas dessert from a fancy Ticino boutique bakery.

Back home to decorate a wee tree with ornaments chosen to bring back memories of home.
Our tree, enhancing an already perfect view.
What’s Christmas without some hockey? Hometown Lugano vs. Beine. The local boys couldn’t snag the win despite an action packed fight.
Standing-room section – the soccer fanatic version of a hockey fan. They drummed, chanted, sang, drank beer and threw garbage non-stop for the entire game
Christmas Eve trivia in the sun.
Helena and Dad teamed up for the game.

Taking in the merriment in the town square on Christmas Eve. Prosecco and Glühwein, yes please!
Helena at the igloo bar.
D and I, ready to find some Christmas cheer.
The sunny walk down into town.
In the true spirit of Christmas, if you believe hard enough, you can find a fresh (surprisingly French) turkey to cook on Christmas Eve.
You can also find a tin of caviar for a mere 3000 CHF at a sidewalk vendor too.
It’s magical.
Stockings are hung by the window with care.
Even got creative with the Christmas pickle this year.
Ready for Santa.
Two Christmas munchkins looking good in their new pjs courtesy of Auntie Kim’s Christmas Eve tradition.
A very good Christmas morning indeed.
Pretty decorated windows in Gandria.
Relieved to know that should our Christmas turkey go awry, there’s an alternate option for Christmas dinner.
Christmas decor in Gandria.
Spectacular Christmas morning walk in the sun.
Even found a wee cathedral where we could light a candle to remember those we wish were still with us.
The table is set, ready for the Christmas feast.
A delectable Yule Log for dessert. Ah.Maz.Ing. Gluttony complete.
It has been a whirlwind of merriment. Hoping you all found yourselves surrounded by beauty, good food, friends and family too. Wishing we will share some memories together in 2018. 


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