Our new beginning…

Many of you are asking “what does this new job mean for you? Have you decided to stay?”

The million dollar question.

Let’s have a recap, shall we?

What began as a grand year-long adventure for one little family slowly but surely evolved into so much more. Testing every fibre of our beings, all that we held dear and all we knew to be true, we have gained so much more than a mere adventure.

By risking it all, letting go of everything that promised stability, familiarity and warmth, we found a whole new beginning for our family. Being open to what possibilities lay ahead, knowing there was no promise of success or fortune, we timidly said “ok, here we are.”

We found that in the letting go, we gained ourselves. We were forced to dig deep, to see if we had what it took to make it through. After the shininess of the adventure wore off we were left to face the nakedness of our family, picked up and dropped into another world, questioning “what the heck have we done.”

But something in the backs of our minds continued to say “don’t give up, don’t rush. Trust.”

And trust we did. We trusted ourselves, we trusted each other, we trusted in the generous support and love of those we left behind who say “you’re so brave, we’re so proud of you.” We trusted that there is a plan for our time here and for our transformation.

It hasn’t always been easy to trust. There have been countless moments we’ve felt ready to throw in the towel, to return home with our pockets empty, feeling a little humble, bruised and battered but glad for the adventure. But something has kept us here…a sense that we’re not quite fully cooked just yet.

And in that patience and trust we have slowly grown. We’ve grown into a family who dreams bigger, talks deeper, sees further and cuddles more. We’ve given ourselves time to just be and to learn who we are through that simple being.

I won’t claim that we’ve arrived at a field of daisies and merry-go-rounds. We aren’t yet auditioning to be the new JCrew catalogue perfect family. But we are a little more at ease with ourselves,  a little more comfortable with our choice to trust.

The trick to being able to trust, in my humble opinion, is to be able to silence the background noise in your brain. The noise that comes with the accidental busyness of life. Perhaps for many that busyness is anything but accidental and rather a hard-core, driven pursuit. To win the prize for the most busy. It does feel that much of society is running that race.

But to step aside from it, to press pause so that the only noise within your head is your own voice, just might be your own salvation. It may take you a while to even recognize your own voice again. Perhaps it has become unfamiliar over the years, drowned out by the rest of the noise. But that voice is there, begging to be heard. It knows you better than you think. It may be full of fear and “what if’s?” but the biggest what-if of all is “What if you never try? What if you never trust?

Because the secret is, if you don’t step away from the busyness, you’ll miss out on the time to dream bigger, talk deeper, see further and cuddle more. And before you know it you’ll realize it’s too late

Your trust doesn’t have to be as grand as ours was. There’s no formula that says that a continental relocation is necessary. Just simply a willingness to trust and to follow your heart.

So what does it all mean? We don’t really know. We do know that we long-ago gave up the reigns but that we’re still really enjoying the ride.

It’s a new beginning for us. We’re surrounded by new beginnings and we’re excited to see where they’ll lead.


The sun came out today for the first time in a long, long while.



Look at these pretty little guys, the first ones to poke up through the snow and cold.
The creeks and streams are alive again with the promise of a new beginning.
What a happy little garden, confident that Spring is here.
The pretty yellow blossoms reaching through everyone’s fences.
Signs of Spring everywhere.


There is something symbolic, hopeful, about the possibilities of an empty dock and a still lake. Will you take the leap?

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