Shades of grey. 

Grey is the colour palette of our world these days. The vibrancy is subdued, washed out. There is still beauty in it if you look closely but I’ll admit, I haven’t been really trying. 

The colour of our world these days.

I’m not proud of how I’ve coped with this “Beast from the East”, the cold that has swept across Europe. I’ve become a certified indoor-girl, retreating to the spaces where the wind can’t wage a war on my confidence that we are where we’re meant to be.
It’s not a lot of snow, not compared to Alberta. But it’s wet, thick and sloppy. And slippery as hell.

It’s wimpy, I know. In my defense, I haven’t entirely wimped out. I still climb on my bike each morning for my commute to work. The number of layers required has become laughable, bordering on insane. 

It’s tricky to do. 

Dress for corporate success and then pile on everything warm and cozy that you own until you resemble nothing corporate or capable of success. 

It becomes a bit risky too. Where my layering provides warmth, it takes away mobility. Once I’m sealed up against the wind, the sleet and the cold, my form takes on a certain rigidity. I just hope that my sheer bulk helps to keep me visible on the road because I sure as hell can’t shoulder check. 

At the end of the day I layer-up, all over again, for the ride home. This time, straight up hill. No concern of a lack of warmth on this route. I arrive home huffing and puffing, sweating a little, having achieved my impressive, now daily average, of 7 minutes of cardio, ready to resume my indoor-girl status once again. 

I’m an embarrassment to my Canadian roots. 

Our first winter here lulled us into a false confidence that winter here is short and easy. 

It was a lie. 

I desperately miss my sun-filled winter-wonderland world back home, where there was constant inspiration to embrace the outdoors; to frolic in its blinding beauty. 

It requires a little more discipline here. This indoor girl made a little effort today. My hockey-Mom status, thankfully, forcibly, reminded me that the great outdoors are indeed still great, even when bathed in grey. 

6:45 on a Sunday morning. Pretty bleak…

A misty morning game.

During their warm-up I had time for a walk. I went in search of the haunting beauty of the morning.
The colour is still there, beneath all the grey.
A peaceful, quiet stillness.
Seems I may not be the only indoor-girl. The streets were eerily quiet this morning.

But low and behold, just as I wrap up this post, the sun came out. Giving a glimpse of the warmth that will return. 

The sun is calling, I must go for a play. 


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