Blissfully busy

Oh it is a treat to be too busy to blog. Especially when that busyness comes in the form of hosting dear friends from home. It means real conversations – not just this dialogue I indulge in for a place to hold all the ramblings in my head.

Today’s post is light on ramblings, heavy on pictures. Our cups are over flowing with good conversation and great company once again.

The Pearce family. Arrived at the Zürich airport the morning of Good Friday.
The Pearce Family, looking remarkably fresh and happy after a cross-Atlantic journey. 
Buddies reunited = easy happiness
Buddies reunited = easy happiness.
Helena teaching Alex the European way - bubblegum cigarettes
Helena got straight down to business with the European influence – how to hold your bubble-gum cigarette.
Rose, not in Alberta anymore!
Rose enjoying the flowers – not in Alberta anymore!

Despite their long flight to Europe they were up to extend their travel. We all hopped on a train bound for Munich. A brand new destination for us all. And trains offer way more leg-room than a plane.

First glimpse of Munich in the evening light.
First sights of Munich in the evening light.
Easy exploring from hotel. So much to see.
A short walk from our hotel into the Altstadt.  (Old City)
When in Rome...or Munich, as it happened to be. (Risky business these big beers. Before you know it you’ve consumed nearly a 6-pack!)
When in Rome…or in this case Munich. The beer steins lived up to their stereotype. Dangerous beers…before you know if you’ve consumed the equivalent of a six-pack!
We were lucky to have gotten a table here. It’s a world famous beerhaus with a notorious past. Said to be the site of Hitler’s first political address.
This was our restaurant for that first evening – diving right into the hustle, bustle and history. A popular spot with a notorious past – thought to be the location of Hitler’s first political address.

We found a fabulous, funky hotel walking distance from everything. ArtHotel

The funky decor at our art-deco hotel.
Helena taking a rest in the fun art-deco lobby.
Ready to explore the city on our first morning.
Our first morning, headed out to explore.
The boys, chilling at an art gallery.
So civilized, relaxing chairs provided in the art gallery.
The view of the city from atop a bell tower.
The view from atop a clock-tower. It was a grey & rainy weekend but pretty nonetheless.
Busy streets below. Such a busy city.
Check out all the people down below – Munich is a very busy city!
Sights of Spring.
Shades of Spring, despite the chilly air.
Beautiful bundles - so tempting, considering how much cheaper they were there.
So pretty and so tempting considering how affordable they are here compared to in Switzerland.
The universal pretty windows.
The universal beauty of decorated windows.
Viewing last nights’ beerhaus.
Barely recognized the location of our first night out. Without the hordes of people and huge mugs of beer it was really quite unassuming.
Anna is a popular name here. We see it everywhere.
Turns out that Anna is a popular name in Germany. We saw it everywhere. Refreshing here as it is typically a name we spot repeatedly in cemeteries.
Even back-street garages are pretty.
Even back-ally garage doors are given a little window-box treatment.
We had cool, rainy weather. Perfect for indoor exploring. The Residenz Palace.
Dreary, cold weather made for perfect museum weather. We spent hours exploring the Residenz Palace.
Beautiful, historic places.
The architecture of the historic buildings was amazing. So many to see. 
Happy, adventuring girls
Such great buddies – so happy to be reunited.
A grand hallway at the Palace. A hall to display the collection of statues.
The Residenz Palace, right in downtown Munich, is the former royal palace of the Wittelsbach monarchs of Bavaria. Dates back as early as 1385.
This grand hall was a showcase for the collection of statues.
Palace girls – imagining a life many centuries ago.
Pearces in a Palace.
Statues in all shapes and sizes.
Even the boys thought the Palace was pretty cool. Manolo was the last one out – after many hours and many more halls, statues & artifacts, we were all sprinting for the exit.
A bed fit for a King.
One of the many, many ornate corridors.
Not just a place to celebrate ancient history, the Germans also pay tribute to royalty of a younger generation.
They seem happy to celebrate and dress up at any occasion. Only the men, mind you. We saw men in costume all weekend long. Festive, happy chaps.
Lederhosen could be spotted around any corner, at any time of day. These fellas were headed out with their festive attire and beers first thing Sunday morning.
A morning out with just the girls while the boys took in BMW World.

The soundtrack of a typical Sunday in Europe.

Helena, happy to have buddies to share the adventure with.
Even the car dealerships have pretty flowers.
Who knew that Munich has a popular surfing scene? The river surfing here was amazing. Surfing without the hard work of paddling…sort of feels like cheating but awesome to watch nonetheless.
Day two at the Palace. Just the girls returned to check out the jewels.
Helena was transfixed – so many sparkly things to admire.
Third night was a charm for this spot – world famous pork knuckles… Do pigs have knuckles?
Europe looks so good on these two.
Rose ordered the pasta…oops. How ’bout a pork knuckle instead. With potato dumplings. (Gross, gelatinous balls of potato gooeyness. Eww.)
The window at the Haxnbauer – where all the knuckles slowly roast. Tried to get a table 3 times. Finally succeeded on our last night when we were smart enough to leave the kids behind.

Just in time for us to head back to Switzerland, the sun came out. Probably for the best – had the weather in Munich been warm and sunny all weekend we’d have only explored the patios.

More fun art-deco at our hotel the morning we departed.
What’s a train-ride without a little wine for the journey.
The boys eating in style too.
We rode in the last car with a view to what we were leaving behind. No looking back.
Finally back in Winterthur, warm enough to host cocktails on the deck.
Winterthur was ready to show-off it’s Spring glory for the Pearces.
Our final evening together Rose and I snuck down to one of our neighbourhood restaurants for their Menu Surprise. Amazing 4 course surprise menu. Such a treat!

It is such a treat to explore new and old places with friends from home. Helps us to remember what we love about living here. Mostly though it helps to remind us of how much we miss our good friends from home.

Whose coming over next?!


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