The most londony London

Another post comprising mostly photos. Scenic photos to be precise. I recently traveled to London.

Hello London! Nice to see you.
Sure didn’t see you from the plane…don’t window seats usually come with a window?

I was in London while in grade 9. My memory of the city from that trip is virtually nothing. Thank goodness London didn’t seem to remember me either.

Ahh, the days of bad spiral perms which resulted in pyramid-shaped hair. And I swear to God that I had no idea what was behind us in this photo. To this day I swear we were clueless.

I was able to take advantage of the work trip to add a day and a half of exploring to play tourist. I had fully underestimated the sheer size of London. It’s a darn big place!

I gave it my very best effort, pulling out my very best walking and transit skills. Pretty sure I saw pretty close to all of it! (Or at least that’s how my legs felt by the end of my two days.)

I lucked out with the first two sunny-ish days if the year. Thank goodness. It was lovely. London of a sunny Saturday truly is a lovely place.

Here’s a collection of the moments which inspired me to capture a quick-pic.


Not a combination I’d go for. I’m more of a jam and gin kind of gal.


First of many pretty flowering trees in front of churches.
Never change London…please always use the double-decker for every-day transit.
When traveling makes your meal-times all wonky, ice-cream is a perfect stand-in for lunch. Risky though as it can lead to wine and a stand-in for supper.
Because I will always photograph bikes on pretty streets…
…and flowers.
Look, it’s that super-pointy building. I’m sure most people know what it’s called…
Bugger, too bad I just ruined my appetite on the ice-cream. Britain is known for it’s delicious curries. Will find one eventually…
Pretty doors are a universal thing.
I don’t know why everyone in this image looks staged. There was a certain rowdiness to the streets this Saturday evening.


In case you were confused and thought we were in France.
This guy did some cool stuff here back in the day. He’s a pretty big deal.

Because the soundtrack of our adventures is always important.

Reminded me of the fire hall doors in NYC.
Isn’t that a London scene.
This was a cool area along the Thames.
Thank goodness they’re so iconic, they won’t go the way of the dinosaur.
Pretty tower bridge. My companion for dinner.
Not a shabby view at the table for one.
I’m on a steak tartar kick these days. This was a good one. The setting always does help.
The incredible Tate Modern – a lovely place to wander in the evening among the Picasso’s.
So cool to be up close to the brush strokes of brilliance. Even if it is weird.


Speaking of weird…this.
The view towards London Bridge. The construction in London is quite something. It’s looking more and more like Manhattan.
Day two, off to Camden Town.
Too soon for a pub-stop.
Huh, turns out Camden has a Venice Beach Vibe.
Next stop, Oxford & Bond Streets. Decidely un-Venice-Beachy.
Through the gates into Buckingham garden.
The Canada Gate!
Timed that well. Arrived just in time for the changing of the guards – missed the front row view a wee bit.

Nice hats Fellas. Where’d ya get ’em?

There really is a nice homey feeling in London.
More pretty doors, not far from 10 Downing Street.
The Abbey – not to be viewed indoors this trip. Big security for the Commonwealth Leaders meetings the next day.
Keepin’it safe. Nice work boys. (I boldly jay-walked right in front of these chaps. Guess what happened…? NOTHING!!! It was amazing. This is so not Switzerland!)
Big Ben’s looking good, don’t ya’ think?
When terrorism forces absurdly large barricades to keep the sidewalks safe.
The London Eye
Nice horse, grumpy guard.
Yesterday and today. What a difference. You never regret having scissors handy.
Well, let’s have a quick peek…
This place is massive!
A photo for Helena, and the horse-girl still inside her mom.
Pretty patios.
Yesterday, lunch was ice-cream. A ginger & dark chocolate cookie will do for today, thank you very much.
Covet Garden doesn’t disappoint.
Hello London.
Pretty ballerina in the theatre district of Covent Garden
So perfectly Londony.
…around every corner.
Found some rain in Notting Hill. Perfect timing for a Rose.
Time to explore once the sun came out again.
Pretty windows
Such lovely colourful facades.
Everyone is a master gardener.
At least he’s honest…
A touch of California.
Some front doors paint an image of a life perfectly together…
…some less so. Having a bad day?
The blossoms were amazing, everywhere.
Really? So pretty.
We should all paint our houses the colours of the rainbow.
Or the more grown-up shades like this would be nice too.
This is the wee street that Notting Hill, the movie, was filmed on. No sign of Hugh and Julia sadly.
I’ll just keep taking pictures of flowers and doors.
Paddington Station
Can never get used to the wheel on the wrong side.
Stayed at a Hilton for my work event. Somehow the Hilton isn’t quite what I remembered. I think it went downhill once they let Paris take the reigns.
The location for our conference.
Not exactly ships, but fancy cars testing their hydro-planing is pretty cool too.


And to wrap up, some crisp and sticky-toffee-pudding. Perfection.

This post may be followed by another photo-heavy post. As I type this, the kids are touring Rome with Manolo. In our swapped lives, he now gets to create fun & adventure during the kids’ school breaks while Mom stays back to bring home the bacon. I get to meet up with them in Florence next week so you don’t need to feel sorry for me.



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