And then there was one.

With the trade in roles of Hausfrau to Hausmann comes the privilege/responsibility of summer holidays.

Sunday, Manolo and the kids left for Canada in pursuit of carefree days of summer fun. I am left behind, suffering through the solitude of a quiet, mess-free existence.

In all honesty the bliss of the quiet and lack of mess wears off pretty quickly. I can’t wait to join them in August too. Luckily my job is a great distraction in the meantime to keep me from getting too lonely or bored.

Plus, I do have that wild side…I lost no time on Sunday, channeling my inner rebel.

It was a risky move; I’m even surprised by my boldness…

Once back from dropping the family at the airport, I returned home, ready to settle in to watch the World Cup final while I cleaned. (You can feel the excitement of the rebel act building, can’t you?!)

Halftime, I saw my opportunity and I seized it.

I vacuumed!!

On a SUNDAY!!!

Hmmm, why does that not read as bold and rebellious as it felt!? Is it just me or was being rebellious far more exciting when we were younger?

The Swiss do take their rules seriously.

To be fair, I wasn’t ever very good at the whole rebellion thing. In my teens I was far too busy being a teetotalling do-gooder. But I’m quite certain that all my peers were having much more fun getting up to no good.

In my defense, my blazen act on Sunday could have had serious repercussions. Police could have been called.

You see, in Switzerland, it is illegal to vacuum on a Sunday. Or use power-tools of any sort. Or do laundry.

In that light, I hope you can appreciate just how ballsy my act of rebellion was. I broke the law!

Allow me to redeem myself so you don’t worry that we’re becoming fully-Swiss. I’ve also used my family-less freedom to skip work for two days, hop on a train to Locarno and attend a music festival. That’s the sort of wild and fun antics that true rebellious, carefree days are all about.

And it did not disappoint.

Locarno is in the Ticino region of Switzerland, just like Lugano. So it is like a little vacation in Italy, great food, great scenery, beautiful people.

The reason for the sojourn.
Locarno in festival mode.
Locarno promenade.
The lake at Locarno – a perfect swimming spot.
The breakfast tables at our hotel.
The elevators at our funny little hotel.
This seems a little under-cooked…what do you think?  This isn’t a dish we’d recommend when it’s already 32 degrees out. The stone the chicken was on was hot enough to cook it – but it was like having an oven right at your table. So, so hot. 
Our view for the show.
Meret & I  – our neighbour and good friend.
The lead act – Milk Chance. Super live band.
The reason we came. The lovely Jack Johnson.
The view behind us. A few other folks had the same idea to come to the show.

After the concert, we dragged our tired, old bodies to bed, like all true rebels do. (To be fair, Meret isn’t old. If you’ll recall, I’ve taken to hanging out with people who are a decade younger than me in an effort to hang onto my youth.)

The next day, before hopping on a train to head back to Winterthur, we walked to the next town along the lake, Ascona. What a gorgeous little town.

Beautiful morning to set out to explore before it gets too hot.


The marina as we arrived in Ascona.
So many pretty lake-side restaurants to tempt you.
These clever people serve iced coffees in martini glasses. How fabulous is that!? Even our morning coffee had a rebel-vibe to it!
Heaven. May need to switch to a martini glass for coffee at home.
The strip of Ascona. The people watching here could entertain you for hours.
Not a bad spot to catch some shade.
Ascona clocktower.
All of the tables and umbrellas here are for the bars, hiding in little caves under the rock wall.
Another Grand Tour view.
Such a pretty little town.
You never know where the elusive indigo sheep will pop-up. 
Pretty weathered windows.
View to the lake.
So inviting to sit and stay for a while.

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