A weekend to unwind.

I have learned from my recent ordeal with shingles that I must look after myself and I have made a serious effort to take it down a notch. I won’t lie when I admit that I am partially vain in this effort as I’d really rather not have to deal with more wardrobe malfunctions while in Greece this week for work. I have planned long, flowy items in my packing, just in case.

I realize that my admission in my recent post that I had become somewhat unhinged may have left certain readers a wee bit concerned. (Yes, Ma. I’m talking to you.) So I thought I’d take a moment to share some evidence of the blissfully relaxing weekend I have just enjoyed.

The promise of a beautiful blue-sky day in Winterthur.
While not as sunny, still awfully pretty in Zurich.
Fall flowers are just as pretty.
Doorsteps updated with their Fall foliage.
A warm afternoon with a hint of cool ahead.

I am aware that this post may feel “too soon” for all my Alberta buddies, who may still be harboring some anger about the recent record snow fall. For this I apologize for the photos I’m sharing. It’s not you, it’s me. Best we all try to move on.

I did come to the realization today that it is remarkably easy to unwind and relax when you are on your own for the weekend. Yesterday morning I bid farewell to my family as they set off to Greece, a few days ahead of me, to enjoy the “Herbstferien” or Fall Holiday.

Safely arrived in Athens – the Airbnb, with a view of the Acropolis.

This left me with a lovely Fall weekend, with weather that still feels like summer, to my own devices.

I allowed myself to do mostly nothing. Puttered about the streets of Zürich, hoping for a Johnny Depp sighting. (He’s the big-name-star attending the Zürich film fest this year.) No luck but the people watching in that town is never disappointing.

Zurich’s St. Peter, boasting the largest church clock in Europe.

I made it out for a bike ride up to the Kyburg Castle today, meaning the big gin & tonic I’m enjoying on our deck is guilt free. I took my time, stopping to enjoy the sights of this gorgeous, Fall day.

A pretty ride along the river towards the castle.
Still loads of green here.
The castle peeking out from behind the leaves. 
A pretty mix of leaves – signs that Fall is in the air.
Kyburg Castle. The Europeans have a habit of putting castles on the top of a hill. Made for a good bike ride.
The pretty cobblestone road leading to the castle.
The pretty Swiss houses look so nice against a blue sky.
The rose gardens in their final bloom of the season.
The fall decor has begun.
Amazing rose bushes still in bloom.
Pretty covered bridges along the way.

I relaxed. I exhaled. I spoke with a sweet friend who has also moved here and can validate and sometimes even top, every moment of exasperation and “what have we done” feelings we’ve had.

They look fairly relaxed too – even if it is too bright and Dad is taking too many pictures.

I’m feeling relaxed and grateful. Take that you pesky shingles!


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  1. Patti Brewin says:

    oh the roses are just so stunning! And well done girlfriend, showing the way on that self care thing we hear so much about. 🙂


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