Shared experiences and bonding over failures

There comes a certain responsibility with sharing our experiences, ensuring that we are painting a true representation of the full experience. Capturing the good, the bad and the ever present risk of getting locked on a train.

Despite this transparent sharing, we seem to have encouraged others to consider an adventure similar to our own. Selfishly this means we’ll finally have kindred spirits here who can relate to the madness of expat living in all its glory.

We got to spend a recent weekend with one such family. They are 6 months into their transition. It’s like looking at a replay of our early days.

A different corner of Switzerland with an equally pretty view.
Only in Switzerland…the view from your brand new apartment window is an ancient castle.
Suspension bridge over the valley.
The hike up through the forest was worth it for this view.
Budding friendship – two Canadian girls bonding through rapid-fire English stories.
So delightful to share the memory-capturing with another Mom. Even better when that Mom is a pro behind the lens.

So many similar challenges and victories. Celebrating the very tiniest wins and cherishing the slowness of the days. Seeing it all play out through the perspective of another family validates everything we went through. There is so much bonding to be had about commiserating over the madness of miscommunication and misaligned expectations.

Luckily, like us, they are keen for every opportunity to adventure. It’s a race to capture as many memories and experiences as possible with the time at hand. And so, when a long weekend presented itself to us, combined with our new-found freedom through our van, we headed out to discover their corner of Switzerland.

It just so happens that their corner of Switzerland is the same corner where the Matterhorn exists. We landed a blue-bird weekend so we all set off together, maximizing our 8 seat-belt capacity. (Dreams of happy road-trips with a van full of sight-seerers was the vision behind the oversized beast afterall!)

Below, a glimpse of the day we discovered up in the mountains. Can’t wait for an excuse to go back.

Pretty windows, Zermatt style.
Proof that there is blue sky and sun as long as you’re willing to travel to find it.
Almost like an Alberta blue sky!
Amazing day to see the Matterhorn. Crisp and clear – not a cloud in the sky.
The cool kids had come out to play too.
Big kids and little kids, bonding over tic tacs.
Brown and dry down below but all white up top!
European ski hills provide endless people-watching entertainment. Bogner is king.
The sun and blue don’t do justice to how chilly it was. Winter is definitely on its way.
Sharing the ex-pat experience wouldn’t be complete without sharing an amaretto coffee.

The special gift this weekend brought was the ability to see my own kids through another mom’s eyes and her lens. It validates that our kids are alright. Thank heavens!

Brooding and wise. Channeling his teenage years. Deep, soulful eyes.
Whimsy and care free. Capturing energy and sunshine where ever she goes.

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