Yule tide carols being sung by a choir

Tis the time of year. If you are able to ignore the drizzly rain, you can really believe this is a Christmas wonderland. This post is full of photos of the scenes around us these days.

The winter here so far has been unseasonably mild. That translates into a need to bundle up each morning only to be sweating to death later in the day. The Swiss are still in love with their Canada Goose jackets which defies all logic and sense. (Not to mention the abhorrent animal welfare reputation. Shame on them!) There is absolutely no need to own an Arctic-grade winter coat here. But they are EVERYWHERE this time of year. I get sweaty just being near them!

If the window boxes still look like this, your Canada Goose jacket can stay in the closet.

Each weekend is an opportunity to visit another amazing Christmas market where Glühwein flows freely and tacky knick-knacks know no bounds.

Colmar, France – a town, not far from us, that you’ve never heard of, greets bus loads of visitors this month because of their famous market. We hadn’t heard the rumor of the bus loads so we were blissfully unaware that our outing would be along with the entire population of western Europe.

It is awfully special to be able to step into a Christmas story-book. We do our best to not take any of these moments for granted.

Has a bit of a British feel to it, no?
Windows all decked out.
A peaceful French scene – wishing the same for the rest of the country.


Blue skies for holiday merriment.
Starting to get busy…little did we know.
In the absence of real snow, spray snow will do nicely.
Colmar is such a pretty, fabled town.
Ah, French cheese. The kids now know not to set foot inside. Oh the smell!
We knew it would be pretty once the lights came of but we weren’t brave enough to stay.


Accordion music is my most favourite. It is the perfect soundtrack to our meandering.

Garcias do France.
Such pretty facades.
It’s getting busy…
There were corners with a few less crowds.
Pretty as a picture.
The big Colmar cathedral.
A pretty private house in the midst of the crowds.
Yup, it’s busy. This street was totally insane. We couldn’t move. I guess this is what they mean when they say Europe is crowded…
It’s exhausting – poor Santa, sleeping it off.

Hoping you are finding Christmas scenes to warm your heart where ever you are too.


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