Beat the heat

You may have heard…it’s been hot here. Like really, really hot.

I’m not at my best when it’s hot. I become a certified indoor-girl. Seeking cool spaces and minimal movement. If I start to break a sweat, it can be hours before that will regulate. It’s not pretty. Elbows and upper lips shouldn’t be sweaty.

I don’t trust people who don’t need deodorant. What is that!?!? How does that work!? I’m practically marinating in it. And I’m sneaking it on my children when they’re asleep. You’re welcome.

The Swiss, in their ever stoic and pragmatic ways, don’t complain. They also don’t believe in a/c. They cope a helluva lot better with heat than I do, let me tell you.

I’m compulsively checking the weather apps. “How hot is it now? What’s tomorrow going to be like? And the next day? Did it just get warmer? How hot is it NOW?

Other than the frequent reapplying of deodorant, other grooming has taken a hiatus. Showers are cold and blissful but I won’t touch the hairdryer; no way I’m adding any unnecessary heat to my day. Sporting the natural & sweaty look at work these days. As you can imagine, it’s pretty impressive.

Heads turn.

Not in a good way.

I now dream of those days in Northern Spain when I was forced to wear all the pants at once and socks in sandals. Turns out that was my bliss. Smack me if I ever complain about the cold again.

Last week’s forecast. Looking back it looks much more optimistic than it was. Each day was warmer than forecast. Really, this is mild compared to the poor folks in France, 44 or higher is unimaginable.

When it gets this warm it’s the adults who use the fountains as personal swimming pools. This is a photo of downtown Winti, from the Winterthur in Pictures site.

Unfortunately my work day doesn’t allow quite as much tom-foolery, despite how much the fountains beckon.

Waiting for me at the end of another 36 degree work day after the bike-climb to the top of the hill to our house. Manolo is nailing this stay-at-home-spouse thing.

This weekend was the annual Albani Fest –  the largest annual Old Town Festival in Europe. It’s kind of like stuffing the Stampede mid-way into our tiny old European city. Same carnie-feel. It celebrates the handover of the city ​​charter to Winterthur on June 22, 1264 by Prince Rudolf von Habsburg , a heir to the Kyburgs . The city set the day of the solstice ( 21 June ) as so-called Albanimahl to celebrate the birthday of freedom for Winterthur.

My worst nightmare really. Stuck in a slow moving car trapped in the sun. No thanks, I’ll take the rollercoaster for the breeze.

 Helena found the air up in the sky a little cooler.

On the banks of the Rhein. Perfect temperature and current for loads of rafts and floaters.

Paddle boarding with buddies on Lake Zurich. D was lucky to join our friends for the afternoon.

Drove up to a mountain lake for a dip to escape today’s heat.

While the family dipped, I biked around the lake, rewarded by shady bits and a refreshing breeze.

And views like this. Bravo Switzerland. Bravo.

Garcia style biking. The best way to get an ice cream and a beer on a hot day.


Hmmm, maybe one to share would have been the right choice.

Today was a hot one again, another 36 day. The van thermometer read 41 in the sun!

Scenes of our weekend make it appear to be all water-play and frozen treats. And yes, that would be a fairly accurate description. Tomorrow brings Monday again which means I need to once again try not to climb into a fountain to sit for a while.


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