Never let your guard down

There’s something about this time of year that puts me on edge, reminding me to remain vigilant and alert. After all, it was this time last year when I had that fateful night, getting trapped on a train headed for the trainyard. Still such a vivid memory.

Danger, or more accurately, the risk of entrapment lurks around every corner, striking at the most unsuspecting moments.

This year it was a revolving door…

Image result for revolving door
Don’t let the movie Elf confuse you, they are not an endless source of joy. Beware…
I’ve noticed a pattern. It’s when I’m dressed up, attempting to portray an impression that I’ve got everything together when disaster strikes. A practical joke the universe is trying to play on me when it senses my confidence creeping up. “Look at her, all dressed up, fancy shoes, out for an evening sans-kids. Let’s throw her a curve ball.”

I was at a job interview this time – sort of. I’ve qualified to be part of a group of “senior level professionals” reintegrating into the work force after a significant career break through one of the large banks here. A great opportunity for me!

This particular evening was a meet & greet with the other program participants and the senior HR officials at the bank.

The evening went well, I felt good about the non-Housfrau outfit I’d put together, I was confidently making a good first impression with the important people in the room. After a presentation and Swiss-style “Apero” (wine and cheese social) the evening came to a close. I gathered my coat and prepared to leave. The event was held at the bank headquarters in Zürich which had mostly shut down for the evening expect for this private reception.

Everything had gone so well. I felt good about how I had concluded the evening so I confidently entered the revolving door, entering in just behind some folks who had departed a moment earlier. They successfully exited the door, I was mid way around when it stopped.

And locked.

I pushed forward. Nothing.

I pushed backwards. Nothing.

I was trapped. Deja vu…

So, I proceeded to bang, frantically on the glass, hoping to catch the attention of someone still in the building who might be able to assist in setting me free.

“What is that noise? Oh look, that woman’s gone and gotten herself trapped inside the revolving door. What a dolt. Look how frantic she’s getting flapping at the glass like that. I think she’s getting a bit sweaty in there.”

Good first impression gone right down the drain.

Someone did eventually come along and press some magic button which activated the damn door again. I stalked out, head held high, and never looked back.

For the love.

It’s just proof that one can never get too comfortable here. There’s a potential trap lurking around every corner.

Thankfully this weekend provided me with an opportunity to feel as though I did, in fact, have my sh*t together. There’s nothing like the people-watching at a giant indoor play-place to make you feel good about your parenting skills, fashion sense and dietary choices.

The feeling of being trapped in a revolving door during an important job interview is akin to the moment when you’re the girl at the birthday party with her dress tucked fully into her tights. Poor child.

Not to mention that the Swiss version of an indoor child-fun-factory is very similar to the Swiss hockey arena – equipped with booze. So very civilized.

All children’s birthday parties should be this civilized.
There may have been more than 1 bottle consumed. More than a couple… Thankfully, we have highly cultured French friends who wouldn’t permit us to continue to drink the sub-par play-place champagne and so quickly ran home to bring a bottle from his personal collection.
A super fancy boutique chocolate cake helps too.
I’m not convinced that this latest trap was a one-time event. But I can’t guarantee that I’m prepared to remain vigilant. You see now that it’s Christmas market season the sights to behold around town are so beautiful and wonderous that one can easily get distracted and carried away. Not to mention the constant buzz from the Glühwien.

These guys create the perfect soundtrack to Christmas shopping.

Sleighbells jingling, ring-ting-tingling too.
Thankfully Mom arrives here on the 15th so she’ll be able to assist me in keeping it all together. Plus these moments of helplessness really do seem to be isolated to moments when I’m alone allowing me to maintain my dignity in the presence of visitors. Thank goodness. 

The week was otherwise quite successful. Helena’s tooth has been fixed and I didn’t even laugh like a psychopath at the dentist this time. See, sometimes I can act like a real, live adult. 

Good thing it is such a lovely dentist office, we tend to visit often.
And get this…because the broken tooth accident happened while at school, it is most likely that we won’t have to pay a thing to have it fixed. How about that!

Another week, another set of adventures. Nothing we can’t handle.

Even the chilly daily 4:45 work commute is a challenge I’m up for.

Dog-sitting our favourite Swiss pup is the perfect way to round out our week.





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