Another Monday in the bag

There was no wailing and gnashing of teeth. Today came and went quite easily. Perhaps it had something to do with the weather…cooler and rainy which is a welcome relief. The morning didn’t have its same angst. Perhaps we are already resigned to the responsibilities it brings. Whatever the case, I’ll take it.

That said, if last week was any indication, getting through Monday isn’t the challenge, it was Tuesday that was such a beast. So I’m not yet ready to declare this a victory but will cautiously hope for a smooth tomorrow as well.

With the kids delivered to school and the rain sending us indoors, Manolo and I had a rare moment for a coffee date in town. When you come to visit (see what I did there with the assumptive opening 😉) we have the greatest coffee shop to visit. It is the sort of place you could spend all day at. Jack&Jo – a slow fast-food market. It was heavenly – almost felt like we were urban hipsters who regularly do coffee sans children or any real responsibilities. 

Such a gorgeous space. Can’t wait to show you…
Gorgeous decor for either a coffee stop or an evening of wine & food.
Mmmmm. Still trying to get used to the milk here. So, so creamy. 3.5% is fairly average but 7 & 8% are pretty common too. Milk you can really sink your teeth into.

Not to get too swelled headed by the hip-ness of our morning coffee we quickly undid its effects by going grocery shopping, an essential part of the daily ritual. But don’t worry, we soon got our coolness back and then some…

After school today Helena was finally ready for the big moment of getting her ears pierced. (Also, with the cooler weather forecasted, we can see our way through the next few days without needing to swim in the river.) We found a super funky tattoo & piercing parlour right by the train station. It made us all feel a helluva lot cooler just by walking through their doors which we did a few times as Helena needed to gather her courage by leaving and returning a time or three…

Ready for a little piercing schmuck.
Excited but oh-so-nervous!

Now Mom & Dad will pay for this first piercing but all subsequent piercings are on you. (The shop had a VERY comprehensive list of possibilities.)

Making sure everything will line up perfectly…
Bracing for the sting…the second one is always much worse!

Following the piercing we had some special shopping to do. A thoughtful angel from home sent along some money for the kids to treat themselves to something special as a reward for how much they’ve had to overcome this month. For Helena the choice was a fairy-garden and for D a fun new toy/trick from the local street-performers shop. Two very happy kids. Now that’s how you make a Monday a pretty awesome day!

Just waiting for a fairy to come by for a visit…

Soon to be featured in a street performing festival near you!

Fingers crossed we can make it through Tuesday without me weeping on the bus. I’m already feeling much more emotionally stable heading in, to the relief of everyone around me. Wish me luck…


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  1. Patti says:

    So starts the new normal eh? When all of a sudden, the wild freaky new stuff – is just the usual. You know where you can get a coffee you like, where to get your cookie ingredients, what days are the best/worse. Sounds like the mexicanadians are becoming Swiss! Way to go Garcia’s. A beautiful reminder that we do find a way.


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