Paradise awaits

After this post I may sign off for a bit. The reason? I will have REAL PEOPLE in my presence. Not just any real people, my mom and my sister are arriving tomorrow. 

It’s not that I haven’t really enjoyed our conversation, I have. It has become a lovely routine for me, once the kids are in bed, I sit down to craft our dialogue. I tell stories, you smile & nod, knowingly. Sometimes you even gasp at the absurd plot twist I weave into the tale. 

But as of tomorrow this dialogue will no longer be one way! I get to stay up late with yummy wine giggling into the wee hours with my mom & sister. Having been deprived of any real friendship outside of Manolo and the kids, this feels like quenching a deep, deep thirst. 

The kids and I have essentially been killing time here awaiting the big arrival. Trying our best not to use up all the sun and gloriousness while we wait. 

We did have our fair share of cool, rain as well so hopefully the weather gods will be kind to us for our special visitors. The fresh snow on the hilltops here sure is gorgeous. 

The hills just above Lugano were newly dusted this morning.
The Italian Alp’s, just east of us. Looking awfully pretty.

I have now come to the solid conclusion that it is far easier to remain in a state of constant gratitude when you are on vacation. Shocking, I know. Life is blissful when your day allows all the time and energy needed to seek joy & adventure. Man I hope we can find a way to hang onto this perspective once back into the everyday mundane tasks of school & work back in Winterthur. But everyday responsibilities don’t allow you to accidentally stumble upon chocolate factories! 

Wait, what!? A chocolate factory? Ok, let’s. I wonder how many Oompa Loompas we’ll meet.
Quite certain that every chocolate factory has a Swiss cow.
To be honest we weren’t really interested in learning what all the machines did. We just wanted to get to the tasting part of the tour!
The free tasting counter!! The look on their faces says “we may have eaten a little more than our sampling-share.”

After the gluttony of that day we set out for a walk/hike to undo the effects. The glorious sun the day brought inspired countless “how lucky are we!?” moments. The warm sun also brought all the critters out which never fails to delight my pair. 

Haven’t decided what color shutters I want once we move back home. These are lovely.
I cannot get enough of this view.
Back at our favourite swimming hole. No swimming today.
Our happy hiker – this one has definitely tapped into his Swiss genes.
Can’t wait to share this view with Mom & Kim!
Pretty place for a popsicle.
Happy to keep posing as long as I keep buying popsicles.
Tempting but just a little bit too chilly.

And lastly, what is a day without critters?

Two at once! The lizards were everywhere today.
Swiss snake. Potentially a nasty one – vipers exist here. “Good thing I know how to pin them Mom.” Good thing indeed…
Even in paradise swans are angry sons of bitches.

I know you’ll understand if I fall silent for the next few days. I promise to do my best to capture any beauty, weird toilets and embarrassing mother-daughter moments along the way. I am the youngest child after all; that’s usually good for at least one mortifying moment in my family’s presence. 


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