Countdown to Christmas

We’re getting closer to the big day and I dare say we just might be ready to do this. 

This week we stopped by the little tree lot we saw near the train station and picked out our very first Swiss tree. It’s about 4′ tall. Most of them were. Seems the Swiss like their Christmas trees on the wee side. 

The good thing about little trees is that they are easy to get home even when you don’t have a car. I am very confident with our ability to get around by train & bus but I am less confident about how acceptable it is to do so with a tree. So with my trusty helpers we schlepped it home. 

D was first with the heavy lifting.

Everyone took a turn.
Mom took the last leg.

While pleased with our tiny tree for our tiny apartment, it did require some inventiveness to still give it a larger-than-life feel. 

A chair, a pail full of weights, an empty pop bottle and we’re in business! Let the decorating begin.
Happy helpers – delighted that a box of ornaments from home made it in the box when we were packing to move.
All set…a tiny tree does present a bit of a challenge with where to put all the extra lights so our tree has wings. Opted to not embrace the Swiss tradition of real candles on the tree. That was a blog post I wasn’t willing to risk!

And so now we settle in for the last week before the big day. There is considerable debate in our house about what day Christmas will be here. 

Assuming it is celebrated on the 25th is a mistake. The 24th is the big day here or so we have been led to believe. The kids were pretty excited about opening presents one day early. I’m all about creating new traditions here so was on board with trying to convince Santa to come through for the morning of the 24th. 

Until Dad said “I’m working on the 24th.” 

“I beg your pardon? But that’s the big Christmas Day here. Surely you must be mistaken.”

Nope…it’s a work day.

Every time I think I’m getting to understand this place they do something to defy logic. 

Turns out the 24th IS the big day but not until the evening. In that Santa isn’t involved (for all non Canadian-Swiss kids) that doesn’t pose a challenge. It’s a bit tricky for those of us who believe Christmas morning is the time most anticipated. 

The evening of the 24th will be the fantastic family gathering here which we’re really looking forward to. The part I’m less looking forward to is being able to still pull off Santa-esque magic for the morning after. 

After over eating. After over drinking. 

These are the sorts of nights that lead to late, scary train-yard experiences. Not sure I can pull off “the night before Christmas” magic for the morning after. 

In the meantime we’re trying to channel every bit of Christmas magic we can. Tomorrow we head to Bern to see what the capital city does for festivities. 

Special surprise Christmas lunch with mom.
Our favourite train station coffee shop.

It really does feel like Christmas everywhere you look here. 

 I have a big goofy grin on my face all the time. The kids finally called me on it today. After passing the below scene I said “I LOVE this!” To which D replied “Come on Mom. You love anything to do with Christmas.” 


Just check out the sights and sounds we discovered today. What’s not to love?


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