Optimism for 2017

I was a bit worried about how we’d manage after the holidays. Leading up to it there was just so much to be excited about and everywhere we looked was festive and breathtaking. Best of all, we’d be reunited with our buddies. With all that behind us, the sun hiding behind unending grey, all the decor put away, the markets gone and the Gluhwein supply all dried up January was looking a little bleak.

We’re not quite at the half way mark yet but being into 2017 feels like we’re in the back half. It is something that plagues my mind a lot. Too much in fact.

 I find myself consumed with thoughts of our return. My mind is already partially there. But it needs to be here. I am going to try to make a conscious effort to put those thoughts away and allow myself to be fully present here. There’s still so much for us to discover and enjoy here. Being preoccupied with another time and place robs us of finding the wonder in now.

And what a shame it would be to miss spotting a monk riding his bike.

Not a scene you see back in Bragg.

Dreary days are so much brighter with these two. Unless they’re being assholes of course in which case we’re all feeling dreary.
Helena going in for the kiss. Not one to miss a good mistletoe.

When life gives you grey days, bring your own brightness.

“Don’t rush through the experiences and circumstances that have the most capacity to transform you.” I read that phrase in the book Year of Yes by Shonda Rhimes. (Have I mentioned this book yet? If you’re looking for your next read seriously consider this one.)

Such a true statement and one I need to remember here, more than anywhere. Never has there been an experience more capable of shaping us. We need to be present and patient. Not anxious to fast forward to the end. Change, if it will be meaningful and lasting, needs to happen slowly and authentically. We need to be open to the process, slowly, mindfully.

And so rather than allowing the dreary days of January make us retreat indoors I’m still determined to get out to allow our lungs, our minds and our souls to expand.

Found this little book at the local tourism office. It’s my goal to check off as many pages as possible.

Yesterday the opportunity to walk a little further was greatly rewarded. Let me give you some context…

For many, many moons I have dreamed of owning a Dyson. (Men who are reading this are thinking “is she talking about purses again?”)

No, I am not. A Dyson is arguably the most coveted vacuum ever. Back home, after countless agrivating days spent wrestling my unruly and ineffective internal vac hose, I would resolve “today is the day that I’m buying a G.D. Dyson.”

Off to Walmart or Costco I’d go. Into the vacuum aisle. Find the perfect (let’s face it, the prettiest) model, look up at the price tag and think “nope, today will not be the day that I buy a Dyson.” I just could never quite get past the hefty price tag. And so the Dyson remained something to be coveted.

Until NOW!!!

As previously mentioned, my wanderings often result in discovering (and hopefully acquiring) the items placed on the side walk for taking away. Or zum mitnehmen, as is often written on the attached note.

 Yesterday I was on my way home when I turned around, back tracked and took a different route. How fortuitous! Along this new route was this!

That’s right folks, it’s a Dyson. The box looks new, it isn’t new but as the old saying goes, beggars can’t be choosers.

Oh the excitement. Followed by the agony and humiliation of hauling it, in it’s large box, home a dozen or so blocks. As I told Cath a time or two, all pride got left back in Canada. Nothing is beneath me now.

On one hand I could focus on how sad it is that finding a vacuum on the sidewalk is probably the most exciting part of 2017 so far but the reality is, this was a dream come true for this financially challenged stay-at-home-mom. We’re talking a +$500 vacuum!

Once home I vacuumed my little heart out and let me tell you, it deserves every ounce of its covetousness. (I didn’t know if that was actually a word, I had to look that one up.)

I know what you’re thinking…this top-of-the-line vacuum has been discarded because it was obviously used to clean up a crime scene and they needed to hide the evidence. I thought of that too. 

Well I don’t care! One person’s crime scene is another person’s answer to prayer. (I think that’s a colloquialism that will only gain in popularity in the coming months. Just look at America’s political landscape…) 

 That’s some good karma people. I am doing everything I can to not tip the karma scales out of balance. Perhaps it was the hefty load we delivered to the take-it-or-leave-it store just the other day or the fact that we are looking for our sunshine in metaphorical ways rather than in seeing the actual giant orb these days. Whatever it was, I am tickled pink!

Now I don’t know if becoming the proud owner of a Dyson is the change the universe has in mind for me but it sure does go a long way in reminding me that our needs are provided for. When we simplify our lives and by extension, our needs, those needs are met so much more easily. Happiness and delight comes in strange forms and we need to remain open to seeing what’s inside the box on the sidewalk!



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